The Town of Nashville is proceeding with plans to build a second fire station on the east side of town.

“Due to the growth of Nashville and the increase of traffic in town, it was necessary to have a fire station that would support the Gulley District,” Nashville Fire Chief Chris Joyner said.

The Gulley District is located on the east side of Nashville, while the fire department is on the southwest side of downtown. The fire department is unable to reach many locations in the Gulley District within a five-minute response time.

The approval of the fire station is a victory for property owners in Gulley, who suffer from higher insurance rates due to the fire department’s being unable to respond within five minutes.

The town is working with Clayton Homes to acquire property for the second fire station along Eastern Avenue.

“That location still meets the response requirement needed to meet the needs of the Gulley District,” Town Manager Randy Lansing told the Telegram.

Lansing estimates the cost of the new fire station to be $1.4 million. He said that response times greater than five minutes increase the fire department’s insurance services, which in turn means higher rates for property owners in the Gulley District.

Lansing also said the town’s lone fire station is neither deep enough nor tall enough to shelter a ladder truck the town recently acquired from the Cary Fire Department, so it is being housed in a temporary carport behind the Barnes Street fire station. Lansing also said that another Nashville fire truck is located in the carport behind the station, where wildlife chewed on the vehicle’s electrical wiring to the point an engine compartment fire broke out.

Joyner said that given an anticipated increase in calls from the east side of the Gulley District and the continued growth projected, he and his team will need to research the need for hiring more career members. As of now, the new station will be staffed by two career employees and volunteers on shift.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to correct erroneous information contained in the original version.