Tevis Harris sits with the singing group faVor, which is featured on his new single, ‘Fight.’

When life gets hard, God will help you to keep fighting, says the recently released single “Fight,” a song from the upcoming gospel album by Tevis Harris, the director of worship and choirs at Word Tabernacle Church.

“What made me write the song is that I was in a place where I needed a lot of encouragement myself,” Harris said. “I just immediately thought that I’ve got to fight through this, and the words of the song just immediately came to mind. But I recognized, because I am a Christian, that I can’t do it without God’s spirit.”

“Fight” is Harris’ first musical production as an independent artist. It was co-produced with Mark Green, a local producer in Rocky Mount, and features the singing group faVor. The full album will be available in late fall or early winter and consists of a diverse variety of inspirational gospel songs. The music video for the song was released Friday and was filmed in downtown Rocky Mount, showcasing local businesses around the Douglas Block.

“I just wanted to promote Rocky Mount,” Harris said. “I believe in our city, that it’s on the rise and that we’re doing some great things downtown.”

A proud native of Rocky Mount, Harris started his music path in the Mount Olive Baptist Church choir. His gift of music allowed him to participate in diverse musical productions and perform as a background singer for various artists. He was a member of several choruses, founded and directed the Rocky Mount Senior High Kwanzaa Choir and had the privilege to sing with legendary and award-winning artists Bishop F.C. Barnes & Company, Pastor Luther Barnes and the Red Budd Gospel Choir and the Restoration Worship Center Choir.

“This song is the bomb,” Luther Barnes said. “High energy, joyful and encouraging. Bless you, Tevis. So glad to see you finally doing your thing.”

Outside of his music career, Harris is an accomplished educational leader and is passionate about teaching and learning. Starting as a fifth-grade science teacher, he has served as an adjunct instructor at Nash Community College and N.C. Wesleyan College. He was the 2013-14 North Carolina Outstanding Elementary Assistant Principal of the Year and currently is working as an elementary school principal in addition to serving at Word Tabernacle Church under the leadership of the Rev. James Gailliard.

“Tevis Harris doesn’t disappoint with his new single, ‘Fight,’” Gailliard said. “It’s not just a song. It’s a song with a message that delivers with strength, stamina and stimulation. The energy alone will convince any person, in any situation, to fight. A new anthem that will be sung all over the nation. Can’t wait to see his next contribution to the kingdom.”

Harris said he hopes the song inspires listeners to keep growing and fighting for the life they want.

“I believe the song is inspirational and will encourage people to keep pursuing, to keep pushing, to keep growing, to keep fighting for basically their life, their dreams, goals, their families,” he said. “I hope that it encourages them, that it lifts their spirit.”