Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office clerk Michelle Rich, center, places an order at the Poblano's Tacos and More food truck as Sheriff's Office custodian Robert Lane waits in line during the food truck's visit to the sheriff's office.

TARBORO — “It’s like a new restaurant every Wednesday.”

That’s what Sylvia Lynch Mann posted on Facebook on May 13 when the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office announced plans to bring a different food truck to the agency’s office, located at 3005 Anaconda Road, every Wednesday.

The food trucks are generally parked in front of the agency from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and offer an opportunity for employees at the Sheriff’s Office as well as workers at area plants and businesses to have lunch brought to them rather than having to drive into Tarboro.

Lt. Wilson Muse is coordinating the program and posts on the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page have solicited interested food truck operators to contact him to get on the schedule.

Thus far, food has ranged from fried fish and shrimp to tacos to a variety of other foods, such as brisket grilled cheese and more.

One of the goals of the program is to try and build bridges between the public and Sheriff’s Office employees.

“It’s interesting how folks become more friendly when food is involved and they discover we’re just like them,” said Lt. Carlos Williams, who was waiting for his order from Wayside Wraps last week.

While the public turnout was slow during the first hour last week, Williams said it varies from week to week and depends, he thinks, on the vendor.

He said he did appreciate the fact food truck operators are participating and all he has to do is walk outside to get his food.

“It’s very convenient,” he said.

Food truck/trailer operators who are interested in participating are asked to contact Muse at emuse@edgecombeco.com.