Nearly a couple of weeks after a three-vehicle wreck that claimed a life on the north side of Rocky Mount, the police department has released the details of what the department knows so far about what happened.

Jennifer Lawing Parker of Rocky Mount was killed as a result of the wreck, which occurred at 6:11 p.m. on Aug. 28 at the intersection of Goldrock Road and Roundtree and Waterloo drives, the wreck report said.

The wreck occurred when Nathan Alonzia Cooper Jr., also of Rocky Mount, was driving a 2011 Ford sport utility vehicle and the SUV struck a 2012 Mercedes being driven by Yaseen Nedall Hassan, also of Rocky Mount, the report said.

Both Cooper and Hassan were driving northeast on Goldrock, the report said.

The SUV being driven by Cooper crossed the center lane and collided with a 1998 Chevrolet pickup truck Parker was driving southwest on Goldrock, the report said.

Lawing died as a result of multiple trauma, records at the Nash County Courthouse said.

Cooper was found with suspected serious injuries, but Hassan was not hurt, the wreck report said.

Parker had a passenger, Dylan Parker, who was in the right front seat of the pickup truck but only suffered minor injuries, the report said.

Dylan Parker was found not to have been wearing a seat belt, but all three drivers were wearing their seat belts and the airbags in all three vehicles deployed upon impact of the wreck, the report said.

The dates of birth of those involved in the wreck are redacted, that is, marked out, in the wreck report, but an obituary for Jennifer Parker said she was 66.

The wreck remains under investigation and the report said a supplement report is going to be filed after the probe is complete.

Additionally, the report said:

The vehicle being driven by Jennifer Parker, of the 1500 block of Homestead Road, was registered to William Thomas Parker, also of the 1500 block of Homestead.

The truck sustained approximately $4,000 in damages.

The SUV being driven by Cooper, of the 400 block of Holly Drive, was registered to Sandra Hedgepeth Cooper, also of the 400 block of Holly.

The SUV sustained approximately $16,000 in damages.

The car being driven by Hassan, of the 1200 block of Waterloo Drive, was registered to him.

The car sustained approximately $7,000 in damages.

The obituary for Jennifer Parker stated she was retired from working for Nash UNC Health Care and was a longtime member of Arlington Baptist Church, where she served in numerous capacities.

The police department released a copy of the wreck report on Monday after the Telegram’s recent attempts to obtain specifics from the department were unsuccessful.

Police Sgt. Brad Summerlin on Wednesday cited both a continuing investigation and the lack of a complete report as the department’s reasons for declining to provide any information about the wreck. Summerlin relented just a bit to say three vehicles were involved.

The next day, after the Telegram published a story about police not releasing specifics, the department went on Facebook with a posting.

The posting, in part, said the department understands the community and media interest in the case and said when the investigation as well as the report are complete, the department is going to share the public record.

“Transparency is important to us as well as the integrity and accuracy of the investigation,” the posting said.

The posting went on to note the police department’s sensitivity to the people involved in the wreck and their families and to extend thoughts and prayers to those impacted in the case.

State Open Records Law specifies that in response to a vehicle crash, the appropriate law enforcement agency, in this case, the police department, must write a report within 24 hours of that crash.