Everett Silver is interviewed by Discovery ID field producer Peggy Holter for an upcoming episode in the documentary series ‘Betrayed,’ which focuses on the murder of Julie Rowland Bowling.

Everett Silver remembers the morning of Dec. 8, 2006, just like it was yesterday.

“I was doing the news, anyway,” he said, referring to his job at WNCR-TV. “Someone called me and told me they thought I might need to go River Glenn (Road). He said he thought there might have been a murder.”

Silver said he headed to the affluent neighborhood, located in a bend of the Tar River off South Halifax Road.

“I got there before anyone (news media) else,” he recalled.

Silver had arrived at the murder scene of Julie Rowland Bowling, whose body was discovered by a co-worker after she failed to arrive at work.

“They hadn’t even roped it off (when I got there),” Silver said of law enforcement putting up yellow crime scene tape.

Silver relived that morning on Aug. 16 when he met a crew and producer from the Discovery ID channel program “Betrayed” at the Rocky Mount Holiday Inn. He said the interview lasted 90 minutes.

“Everyone has covered it from Mark’s (Julie’s husband Mark Bowling) angle, but on this program, they are looking at it from Julie’s perspective … the betrayed approach,” he said.

Silver recalled that WNCR actually went live from the scene that morning and that he got footage of the scene when he first arrived and before things were closed off.

“I called Ray Lipsey, who was the owner of the station, and told him I had this footage and he was probably going to have to compensate me for it,” Silver said.

Mark Bowling was having an affair with Rose Vincent and talked her into murdering his wife. Vincent pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to at least 29 years in prison. She then agreed to testify against Bowling.

Vincent said Mark Bowling promised her $50,000 from insurance proceeds for killing Julie Bowling but that she didn’t want the money, only to be with him.

She said he gave her the handgun she used and also came up with his alibi, which was to be out of state on a scuba-diving trip.

Bowling pled guilty, received a sentence of at least 15 years and died in prison in April 2018 at age 47.

“To add insult,” Silver recalled, “he (Bowling) actually got on the morning show on WHIG-TV and told what he was going to do. The host would have Mark as a guest from time to time and once, he said it would be funny if you went on a trip and your wife got murdered (while you were gone).”

“If you met Mark, you’d never think he was capable of masterminding something like this,” Silver said.

Silver said he had received offers from various people and organizations for his footage from that day, but that it would be disrespectful to Julie Bowling and her family to allow it to become public.

“I don’t look to get any gains from this. I just want to get Julie’s story out there.” he said.

Julie Bowling was a radiation therapist at the then-Nash Health Care at the time of her death.

Silver said he didn’t have a time line for when the program might air.