The new elementary school that will be built in northern Nash County soon will have a new name.

The Ad-hoc New Construction Committee for Nash County Public Schools met last week to discuss plans for choosing the new name, mascot and colors for the school.

Shannon Davis, director of the maintenance and facilities department for the school district, brought the issue of the new school naming before the committee.

“In accordance to Policy 9300, the superintendent will involve the staff and students assigned to the facility and the students’ parents in the process of identifying possible names for a new school facility or facility being renamed. The superintendent shall submit a recommended name or limited list of recommended names to the board for approval,” Miller said.

The input is being sought through a survey that is being sent to members of the Red Oak Elementary, Swift Creek Elementary and Cedar Grove Elementary school communities. Those three schools will close once the new school is constructed and students from those schools attend the new consolidated school.

At the Jan. 7 school board meeting, the Nash County Board of Education approved the recommendations for the survey, which is being conducted this week. School staff and student families are being asked for input into the choice of a school name, mascot and school colors for the new elementary school that will be located on the campus of the current Red Oak Elementary School.

The ad-hoc committee originally planned to suggest a choice of Red Oak Elementary School or Northern Nash Elementary School as choices on the survey while leaving room for participants to suggest their own names. But school board Chairman Franklin Lamm and board member Doneva Chavis suggested the addition of another name: Red Cedar Creek Elementary School.

“That name incorporates part of the name of each school,” Lamm said at the committee meeting.

School board member Chris Bissette said he would like to go ahead and get input on a school mascot and colors.

“The reason is that we could go ahead and incorporate the colors and mascot into the construction plans for the school,” Bissette said.

Bissette suggested that a tiger cub be considered as a mascot since a tiger is the mascot of Red Oak Middle School, the school that students from the elementary school will attend after their days at the elementary school. Red Oak Middle School is within sight of the campus where the elementary school will be constructed.

Chavis agreed.

“We already have a tiger on that water tower so it would be logical,” Chavis said. “But I do want the community to be able to submit other ideas.”

After the survey is completed, the Ad-hoc New Construction Committee will meet again, Miller said.

The school district announced Wednesday that the next meeting of the committee will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 19. The committee plans to review the survey input and select the new school name, mascot and colors at that meeting.

The committee also will look at selecting new school colors at the meeting. The choice of school colors is another question on the survey being conducted.

Red Oak Elementary and Cedar Grove currently have red and black as their school colors and Swift Creek has green and yellow, Miller said.

“The school colors will mainly impact the design of the gym and the mascot,” Miller said. “The school itself will have quite a few colors throughout the building. It won’t have just the school colors.”

The committee decided to leave the choice of colors open to people responding to the survey.

The recommendation of the committee regarding the name, mascot and colors will be brought before the school board at its next meeting. The decision will need to be approved by the full board.

“Our hopes are to bring that school name, mascot and colors to the full board on Feb. 1 to be approved,” Nash County Superintendent Steve Ellis said.