The City of Rocky Mount has an online advertisement seeking to fill its vacant chief internal auditor position.

The advertisement, which is posted on the N.C. League of Municipalities website, is scheduled to expire on July 17.

The municipality has been without a chief internal auditor since Lori Cairo left in July 2019 after having started in November 2018. Cairo was being paid a salary of $115,000.

Although Cairo’s former position has been vacant, a municipal official has said the City of Rocky Mount has a senior internal auditor, Paula Carbone.

The job of the municipal Internal Audit Department is to provide accountability to the public and promote the efficient use of municipal resources and operations.

The advertisement referred to the chief internal auditor position as the “CIA” for short.

A line in the advertisement said, “The CIA will only be successful with a proactive and educational philosophy rather than a ‘gotcha’ and rigid approach.”

According to the advertisement, the salary range is $88,849 to $111,061 but base salary and compensation is negotiable based on experience and qualifications.

The advertisement also made clear the person hired for the position has to, within a year of being hired, move to within the Rocky Mount city limits.

The advertisement said candidates seeking the position must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with major coursework in accounting, and have a minimum of five years of auditing experience, including audit leadership experience.

The advertisement also said three or more years of experience in government accounting is preferred and that a candidate with the credentials of a certified public accountant is desirable.

Although the advertisement expires on July 17, the advertisement said the application review will begin on July 15.

The advertisement said the plan is for semi-finalists to participate in a virtual skill evaluation on Aug. 25 and Aug. 26.