The municipal government is looking for people to give their talents and time to local boards and commissions.

“It’s a real opportunity for folks to come in to serve Rocky Mount,” Mayor Sandy Roberson told the Telegram. “We have super-talented folks in Rocky Mount.”

Roberson said he knows his latter comment is true because people contact him and ask how they can help him and what he is trying to achieve.

“I think it’s great that people come forward at City Council meetings and speak on what they believe is their truth. But it would be even better if people would spend that time in trying to push the city forward and model it in a way that they believe will prosper the community as a whole,” Roberson said.

Roberson, who was sworn into office in December, said he believes such community service via boards and commissions always is needed, yet often is overlooked and not really considered by the Rocky Mount citizenry.

“And so it’s an opportunity for us to bring it to the forefront,” Roberson said.

Applications are welcome today and on Friday as well.

Friday is the deadline for them to be provided to City Clerk Pamela Casey so Roberson and the City Council can start reviewing them at a work session.

The council has since February been attaching a list of openings on boards and commissions at the bottom of the council meeting agendas.

The phone number for Casey’s office is 252-972-1319. One also can reach Casey via email at

A resume of each applicant may accompany a document called a personal history form, which is signed by the applicant and which indicates a willingness to serve should he or she be appointed.

Personal history forms are available at the clerk’s office at City Hall or at the bottom of the clerk’s page on the City of Rocky Mount website.

The following are the positions to be considered for appointments:

  • Animal Care and Control Advisory Board — four appointments respectively from Wards 1, 3, 4 and 6. The board advises the mayor and the City Council about policies, procedures and other matters of concern regarding the care and control of animals in Rocky Mount.
  • Board of Adjustment — six appointments. The appointments are needed respectively from Wards 1, 4, 6 and 7 and two Rocky Mount residents also are needed to serve as alternate members. The board hears and decides appeals and reviews any order, requirement or determination made in enforcing the City of Rocky Mount’s land development code.
  • Business Development Authority — two appointments. The authority is a nonprofit designed to promote the health, safety, morals, right of gainful employment, industrial and commercial opportunities and general welfare of the community.

Central City Revitalization Panel — seven appointments. One needs to be a business owner in the central city, one needs to be from the Historic Preservation Commission, two are needed to serve at large and three are needed to serve by virtue of their official positions. The CCRP administers the program utilizing financial incentives to encourage improvements and preservation within the heart of Rocky Mount.

Community Appeals Board — four appointments respectively from Wards 1, 4, 5 and 7. The board hears appeals about decisions or orders regarding health, nuisances and sanitation.

  • Historic Preservation Commission — four appointments. The commission seeks to preserve and regulate historic landmarks and historic districts in Rocky Mount.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Commission — four appointments. The commission organizes programs and activities honoring the legacy of the slain civil rights leader.
  • Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities — nine appointments. The commission serves to make the community aware of the needs and abilities of handicapped people, as well as to encourage the involvement of handicapped people in the daily activities of the community.

Planning Board — two appointments respectively from Wards 2 and 6. The board conducts a comprehensive and continuing program to direct Rocky Mount’s growth along civic lines. The board also establishes principles for guiding development in the City of Rocky Mount and the municipality’s extraterritorial planning and zoning areas in Edgecombe and Nash counties.

Redevelopment Commission — five appointments. The commission operates for the purposes of acquiring and re-planning blighted areas and of holding or disposing of properties so they can become available for development.

Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport Authority — one appointment. The authority manages, operates and controls the regional aviation facility, which is off N.C. 97 southwest of Rocky Mount.

  • Tree Advisory Board — three appointments respectively from Wards 2, 3 and 4. The board makes recommendations to the city manager about shrubbery and trees on municipal properties.
  • Utility Services Review Board — three appointments respectively from Wards 4, 6 and 7. The board hears appeals from utility customers who may contend the municipal staff failed to follow established customer service policies.
  • Workforce Housing Advisory Commission — three appointments. One needs to be from Ward 6, one needs to be a faith-based member of the community and one needs to be from the business community. The commission advises the municipality’s leadership and staff and the City Council about challenges, opportunities and options regarding housing in Rocky Mount.
  • Braswell Memorial Library Board of Trustees — three appointments. The trustees represent both Edgecombe and Nash counties and the City of Rocky Mount and are appointed by their respective county commissioners and City Council members.

Rocky Mount’s City Council wards can be viewed online by going to

Additionally, the City of Rocky Mount notes that people serving on the boards and commissions whose terms are expiring are eligible to be considered for reappointment.

Boards and commissions have not been meeting for the time being due to the coronavirus pandemic.