City of Rocky Mount Finance Director Amy Staton is going to become the City of Wilson’s chief financial officer later this summer.

Staton is scheduled to join the City of Wilson on July 6, with retiring City of Wilson Chief Financial Officer Kim Hands to remain through the end of August to ensure a transition, a City of Wilson spokeswoman told the Telegram on Friday.

Staton will be paid $175,000 a year, the spokeswoman told the Telegram. Staton has been receiving a salary of slightly more than $154,000 from the City of Rocky Mount.

The Telegram in a story published on Thursday reported that Staton on June 2 submitted her notice of resignation to the City of Rocky Mount, with July 5 to be her last day of employment with the municipality.

Staton has been employed by the City of Rocky Mount for nearly 25 years, with more than 14 of them being as the finance director.

Staton, who is a native of Rocky Mount, holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Meredith College, with a concentration in accounting.

The City of Wilson, in a news release on Friday, also noted that Staton is both a certified public accountant and a certified managerial accountant and that she completed the municipal administration course at the School of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Wilson City Manager Grant Goings, in prepared remarks as part of the news release, said there are only a few municipal governments in North Carolina with the City of Wilson’s level of complexity, in particular, that operate both electric and natural gas utilities in addition to all traditional municipal operating funds.

“We are extremely fortunate to welcome such a seasoned veteran with the specific experience to match our needs,” Goings said. “Amy will be a great addition to our team.”

Staton, in prepared remarks in the news release, said she is grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve in local government.

“My experience aligns extremely well with the financial operations in Wilson, which should make for a smooth transition and allow me to quickly join the continuous efforts to enhance the City of Wilson,” Staton said. “I am a public servant at heart and I love eastern North Carolina, so this is a great fit for me.”

Hands joined the City of Wilson in 2007 as assistant director of finance and became the chief financial officer in 2012.

The news release of the hiring of Staton was part of an update about changes in leadership in Wilson.

The deputy city manager there, Harry Tyson, has announced his retirement, effective in mid-September, and Goings said an announcement about Tyson’s successor is forthcoming.

Tyson has served the City of Wilson for more than 32 years.

Tyson started with the Wilson Police Department in 1989 and served in a variety of roles before moving to the city manager’s office in 2000. Tyson was named an assistant city manager in 2003.

Tyson returned to the police department as chief and served from 2004 until 2010, when he was named deputy city manager.

A City of Rocky Mount spokesman has said that Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney is going to announce an interim finance director before Staton’s last day of employment and that Small-Toney will conduct a nationwide search for a new finance director.

In the meantime, Staton’s departure early next month will become another in a number of departures of key City of Rocky Mount officials who have left since Small-Toney became Rocky Mount’s city manager in 2017.

Two of those key officials who left, Rich Worsinger and Kellianne Davis, joined the City of Wilson’s team.

Worsinger had been Rocky Mount’s energy resources director and presently he is Wilson’s energy director.

Davis had been Rocky Mount’s community development manager and presently she is a Wilson downtown business specialist.

Also among those on the list of key officials who have left the City of Rocky Mount, Tasha Logan Ford, who had been an assistant city manager, became an assistant city manager in Winston-Salem.

News reports in early May said that Logan Ford had been hired to become High Point’s future city manager and that she will start there the middle of next month.