Tutoring Prograam

Maurece Lewis, right, tutors Jeremiah Alston at Word Tabernacle Church.

A local church has launched a free one-on-one tutoring program to assist students with reading, writing and math comprehension as part of American Education Week.

Word Tabernacle Church’s Childhood and Literacy Development Center, along with its College and Career Readiness Center, developed the program to fill the gaps in the school system and increase student proficiency to ensure academic success.

In addition to personal tutoring sessions, the program also provides group tutoring, classroom-style teaching reinforcement and online learning.

Heather Scriven, director of youth and collegiate programs at the church, said knowing firsthand what many teachers and students face in the ongoing effort to ensure successful educational outcomes is what prompted the church to develop the no-cost service.

“Most of the staff who works with our youth are former teachers, so we are all very passionate about education. We are aware of the struggles and challenges children face,” Scriven said. “It is my hope that students learn to love education. I hope they experience success and wins in their tutoring sessions that transfer to success and wins in the classroom.”

The week prior to the week of Thanksgiving is designated as American Education Week. The National Education Association enacted the annual weeklong effort in 1921 to “inform the public of the accomplishments and needs of public schools and to secure the cooperation and support of the public in meeting those needs,” according to the organization’s website.

Since its inception, many additional organizations, including the Parent Teacher Association and the U.S. Department of Education, have sponsored the event.

Scriven said while many area students who are struggling academically are missing key foundational blocks that have caused them to fall behind, they also understand that teachers overall are doing a good job and care about the students.

“Students I speak with who may be doing well or not so well in their classes can all tell me of a teacher that they enjoy and feel like they truly care about them and their education,” Scriven said.

There never can be too many organizations providing resources and support to promote the overall success of young people, Scriven said.

“It’s OK if there are 20 different tutoring programs as long as students get the help and assistance they need,” she said. “The kind of support that’s needed takes people power, and the more people we have willing to invest their time and energy in the next generation, the more impact we will have.”

Word Tabernacle Church, located at 821 Word Plaza in Rocky Mount, is seeking volunteers to be tutors, data managers, resource curators and to fill additional positions. Applicants must complete a background check, child abuse training and WTC Tutoring Program Orientation. Prior teaching or tutoring experience is preferred; however, there are opportunities available for peer-to-peer and college tutors as well.

Parents who want to enroll their children in the tutoring program can email wtctutoring@gmail.com.

For more information or to submit an application, email www.wherestudentsthrive.com/tutoring.