I-95 1

Traffic flows on Interstate 95 north approaching the interchange with U.S. 64. 

Motorists using Interstate 95 need to slow down a bit and drive with extra care when approaching the bridges across the railroad line south of the interchange with U.S. 64.

That is because crews are set to start at 7 a.m. today rehabilitating both of the I-95 crossings over the rail line, with the work anticipated to be complete by Friday.

State Transportation Department spokesman Andrew Barksdale said motorists are going to have to decrease their speed from 70 mph to 60 mph and be ready for at least one lane on each of the two-lane bridges to be closed while work is in progress.

Barksdale said the crews are going to mill down the concrete driving surface of the roadway approaching the bridges and also make repairs to any part of the concrete driving surface of the bridges where that surface has deteriorated.

Specifically, Barksdale said the crews, where they see repairs are needed on the surface of the bridges, are going to put down what is called polyester polymer concrete.

The two bridges also have what are called expansion joints that contract with the temperature.

Barksdale said the crews are going to replace those expansion joints with polyester polymer concrete and a protective silicone sealant.

Barksdale also said crews at a yet-to-be-announced time are going to be doing the same work on the I-95 bridges over Stoney Creek on the north side of the interchange with U.S. 64.

The bridge work is part of a $60.5 million project to design and construct a new four-lane overpass and interchange for Sunset Avenue at I-95.

Presently, Sunset is a two-lane overpass on the part of I-95 on the south side of the I-95 interchange with U.S. 64 and north of the I-95 bridges over the rail line. There is no link between the Sunset corridor and the Maine-to-Miami expressway.

State plans also call for widening Sunset from just west of Halifax Road to Old Carriage Road and widening Eastern Avenue from Old Carriage and past Nash Community College into the commercial east side of Nashville.

Barksdale had said crews were expected to begin turning dirt on the project this past October, but he said the project was rescheduled to allow more time for the acquisition of right-of-way and new easements.

An easement is the right, by agreement, of one to make lawful and beneficial use of the land of another.

Barksdale said what mainly happened is that it took Duke Energy longer than the Transportation Department expected to do the work to relocate power lines, with the coronavirus pandemic also having an effect.

Barksdale also said new water lines and water mains are going to be installed alongside Eastern Avenue.

Barksdale said the project to build the I-95 interchange with Sunset and to upgrade Sunset and Eastern is expected to start this summer and be complete by the end of 2023.