A woman is accused of running into a man with a car and then warning she was going to kill him and taking away his cell phone, judicial system records said.

Kayla Allen, 23, is charged with committing assault with a deadly weapon on Jimerian Baines, communicating threats to Baines and committing larceny from Baines, all on Aug. 27, Nash County District Court records said.

According to the records, Allen used a 2007 Toyota Camry to run into Baines and told him, “Bitch, when I get my new gun, I’m gonna kill you.”

The records also said the cell phone Allen took from Baines was valued at $999.

A police report of the incident said officers responded at 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 27 to the 1300 block of North Wesleyan Boulevard.

The report classified the incident as an aggravated assault, listed Baines as 24 and identified Allen as his ex-girlfriend.

The local Police to Citizen online link said Allen was arrested on Sept. 16 off N.C. 4 in Gold Rock.

The Nash County District Court records said that the charges Allen is facing are all classified as misdemeanor offenses.

The records listed Allen as homeless, but Nash County Chief Deputy Brandon Medina said his records listed Allen as having listed an address in Zebulon.

Medina also said his records listed Allen as having bonded out of the Nash County Detention Center after 13 hours in custody.

The bond was set at $2,500, secured, with the condition being that if Allen posted the bond then she was not to have any contact with Baines, the Nash County District Court records said.