The Rocky Mount Police Department’s crime report for December provides a mix of good and bad news.

The bad news is that officers responded to 116 calls about shots fired or heard.

The officers as a result found 129 shell casings, seized 32 firearms and made 13 arrests on weapons violations-related charges.

As of the end of December, officers had seized 439 firearms during all of 2020.

The 439 firearms seized is roughly 100 more firearms seized than for all of 2019, interim police Chief Charles Williams told the City Council and the viewing audience during a work session on Monday.

Williams said that while the police department has seen an increase in instances of aggravated assaults, the officers “are stepping up their game” and seized more firearms in 2020 than in the past.

The crime report shows that in December there was a murder, an instance of a rape, 18 instances of aggravated assaults, four instances of robberies of businesses and three instances of robberies of people.

The crime report also shows that in December there were 84 instances of larcenies, 13 instances of residential break-ins, seven instances of thefts of motor vehicles, six instances of commercial break-ins, four instances of non-residential break-ins and two instances of arson.

The total number of crimes in December was 143, which Williams noted was 27 less than in December 2019.

As of the end of December, the total number of crimes for all of 2020 was 2,172, which Williams noted was 164 more than the total number of crimes in all of 2019.

Williams said the cause of the increase in the total number of crimes was due to more instances of aggravated assaults.

Williams also provided specifics about the numbers of attacks in December in terms of the murder, aggravated assaults and shootings into occupied buildings or vehicles.

There were 19 victims, 14 of whom were injured.

Williams said five of those cases of such attacks were cleared as a result of arrests, while 11 of those cases remain under investigation and one case is inactive.

Of the instances of aggravated assaults in December, six were cleared as a result of arrests and there were four arrests for such offenses.

Williams said that one positive in the category of aggravated assaults in December was that there was only one case having multiple victims. He said another positive was that eight of the instances of aggravated assaults did not involve a firearm.

The crime report for December shows the number of property crimes having been cleared by 21 arrests.

Of the 21 arrests, 10 were for shoplifting.

Four were for all other types of larcenies, two were for robberies of businesses, two were for robberies of people, two were for stealing vehicles and one was for a break-in of a residence.