A man was arrested this week for a crime much like the one committed by Goldilocks of fairy tale fame.

Rocky Mount police responded to a call about 8:35 p.m. Saturday on the 600 block of Atlantic Avenue concerning a possible burglary. They met the 68-year-old resident of the home, who reported that she had gone to work and returned home to find her back door broken and pieces of wood from the door lying in her yard.

Officers entered the home to make sure it was empty and called out as they entered. They were surprised to hear the intruder casually respond. They went into a bedroom of the home to find a man sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette.

The man told police that he had permission to be in the home and cited the name of the person who granted that permission. That name did not match the name of the resident of the home and the woman resident claimed that she had no knowledge of the man. Police noted that they believe the man to be homeless.

Kareem Perry, 35, was arrested and charged with second-degree breaking and entering, property damage and larceny after breaking and entering. Among the items missing from the home were a jar of jelly, eight hot dogs, three breakfast croissants from Burger King and a pack of Great Value cheese from Walmart.

Perry was jailed under a $10,000 secured bond at the Edgecombe County Detention Center.

After Perry’s arrest, officers turned their attention to the neighboring home. During the investigation of the first incident, officers noted that the neighbor’s door also had been damaged and that the home also appeared to be broken into. When officers were able to speak to the resident of that home, he said that he saw items that appeared to be moved inside his home but nothing appeared to be stolen.

Though police suspect that the two incidents may be connected, Perry has not yet been charged in connection with that crime.