Two men are accused of stealing from the Walmart Supercenter earlier this month, but one of them also is accused of attacking a police officer and both of them are accused of resisting attempts by police to be taken into custody, judicial system records said.

Kevin Darden Jr., 22, is charged with felony assault inflicting physical injury to a law enforcement officer, felony assault by strangulation and misdemeanor resisting an officer, while Montee Moore, 25, is charged with misdemeanor resisting an officer, Nash County District Court records said.

Additionally, Darden is charged with misdemeanor larceny and Moore is charged with misdemeanor aiding and abetting larceny, the records said.

Officers responded at 9:38 a.m. on Sept. 7 to the mega-retailer’s store at the Cobb Corners shopping center in the northwestern part of the city.

Darden is accused of having carried away a variety of hygiene and cosmetic products valued at $62.51 and Williams is accused of having helped him, the records said.

According to the records, Darden refused to comply with Senior Officer Phil Cinal’s and Cpl. J.T. Kuhn’s commands to place his hands behind his back and Darden pulled away from officers after having been advised he was under arrest.

Darden put Cinal in a chokehold, causing Cinal to nearly lose consciousness, the records said.

The records also said Williams obstructed Senior Police Officer R.H. Friedrich by refusing to comply with commands to let go of Cinal, whom Williams had grabbed.

Cinal suffered bruises to both sides of his jaw and neck and experienced difficulty breathing and hoarseness in his voice, the records said.

Bond for Darden was set at $15,000, secured, and bond for Moore was set at $3,000, secured, but neither of them ended up in the Nash County Detention Center, Chief Deputy Brandon Medina said.

Nash County District Court records said Darden and Moore each posted bond the same day they were arrested.

Additionally, Darden is charged in Edgecombe County with felony assault of a law enforcement officer inflicting serious injury.

According to Edgecombe County District Court records, Darden on March 14, 2020, engaged in pushing Edgecombe County Deputy L. Whitehead out of an emergency medical services truck and hitting Whitehead in the face with a closed hand.

The records said that Whitehead was trying to stop Darden from assaulting emergency medical services personnel and that Whitehead suffered bruises to his forehead.

Whitehead was released on a written promise to appear in court as required, the records said.

As for Moore, state Public Safety records said he has a prior record in Harnett County, as shown by a conviction in 2014 for felony breaking and entering and larceny after breaking and entering.

Both Darden and Moore had listed addresses in the 1200 block of South Franklin Street, Nash County District Court records said.