Crime Reports

Rocky Mount police are asking for the public’s help solving a gunpoint robbery of a man outside his residence in the 1200 block of Grove Drive on the northwest side of the city recently.

The robbery occurred after the man on the morning of Nov. 30 had walked out of the residence after having walked back inside, police Cpl. Clay Wilder said.

The man had walked back inside because he had started his vehicle and was giving the engine time to warm up, Wilder said.

Once back outside, the man was approached at his vehicle and cornered by two men, with one pointing a handgun at him and telling him to empty his pockets, Wilder said.

The man, who did not have any money on his person, was robbed of a cell phone and was struck once with the butt of the gun, Wilder said.

And before the robbers left, one of the two of them fired a shot in the air, Wilder said.

The robbery was reported at 6:13 a.m., Wilder said.

There is little else go to on because the man was trying to run to get back into the residence, Wilder said.

All that is known about descriptions is both robbers were black, with one being tall and wearing all-black clothing and the other being shorter in height, Wilder said.

Anyone with any additional information about the robbery or any crimes in the area is asked to contact police at 252-972-1411, Crime Stoppers at 252-977-1111 or

Tips also can be texted to police at 274637 by beginning messages with RMPOL to direct the tip to the police department and by typing up to 155 characters about the information.

Police investigated the following incidents over a two-week period:


  • 600 block of Marlboro Place.
  • 200 block of East Bassett Street.


  • 900 block of North Wesleyan Boulevard.
  • 1400 block of Country Club Road.
  • 1600 block of Marvelle Avenue.


  • 1500 block of Benvenue Road.
  • 700 block of Parham Street.


  • 300 block of South Howell Street.
  • 2400 block of Sunset Avenue.
  • 700 block of Jeffreys Road.
  • 100 block of South Franklin Street.
  • 1100 block of East Raleigh Boulevard.
  • 1400 block of Benvenue Road.
  • 700 block of West Raleigh Boulevard.


  • 1500 block of Benvenue Road.
  • 100 block of North Fairview Road.
  • 600 block of Goldrock Road.
  • 3300 block of Old Battleboro Road.
  • 700 block of Marlboro Place.
  • 700 block of Sutters Creek Boulevard.
  • 100 block of North Old Carriage Road.
  • 600 block of Midway Street.
  • 1400 block of West Thomas Street.
  • 800 block of Benvenue Road.
  • 100 block of South Wesleyan Boulevard.
  • 800 block of West Raleigh Boulevard.
  • 4100 block of Sunset Avenue.
  • 3700 block of North Wesleyan Boulevard.
  • 1200 block of Bethlehem Road.


  • 1000 block of Neal Street.


  • 1500 block of Hargrove Street.
  • 1300 block of Horne Street.
  • 200 block of East Raleigh Boulevard.
  • 2600 block of Gary Road.
  • 800 block of Falls Road.
  • 200 block of North Franklin Street.
  • 1600 block of East Raleigh Boulevard.


  • 1200 block of West Haven Boulevard.
  • 600 block of Nelson Street.
  • 400 block of South Tillery Street.
  • 100 block of Boyd Court.