Authorities are trying to find out why a car was deliberately set on fire in the Little Raleigh area of the city.

According to the Rocky Mount Fire Department’s report of the arson, the driver/owner of the car the morning of Sept. 13 appeared to have lit the inside of the vehicle on fire using gasoline as an accelerant.

Firefighters responded to the 1500 block of South Church Street about a vehicle being on fire and police responded at 9:20 a.m.

Firefighters arriving at the scene were waved in toward the fire scene by a woman on the sidewalk, the report said.

A man was seen driving a pickup truck in reverse on the path to where the fire was burning, the report said.

Firefighters found the car, which had a fully involved fire in the passenger section, the report said.

The driver of the car was nowhere to be found, but a camera that had been on at a nearby business had recorded the incident, the report said.

Due to the suspiciousness of the incident, members of the fire investigation team were called in to assist with the probe, the report said.

Members of the fire investigation team after watching the video determined arson to have been the cause of the fire and estimated the property loss totaled $3,200.

Police also assisted with the investigation.