A Nash County man was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in federal prison, both for committing a drug offense in 2019 and for committing a crime while under federal supervised release after having served a reduced sentence for a previous drug offense, U.S. District Court records said.

Costa Pender, 39, appeared on Wednesday before U.S. District Judge Louise Flanagan in New Bern and received Flanagan’s decision.

Flanagan ordered Pender to spend 114 months in prison for conspiracy to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute crack cocaine and cocaine in October 2019.

Pender also was sentenced to 114 months for distributing a quantity of crack cocaine in June 2019, with that sentence to run concurrently, that is, alongside the first sentence.

Flanagan also ordered Pender to pay a $200 special assessment and to serve five years under supervised release once he completes his sentence.

Additionally on Wednesday, Flanagan revoked Pender’s supervised release status in connection with the previous drug case against him.

And Flanagan on Wednesday ordered Pender to spend 37 months in prison in connection with that previous case, with the sentence to run consecutively to, that is in addition to, the 114 month-long sentence resulting from the 2019 case against him.

In that previous case, Flanagan in February 2013 sentenced Pender to 131 months for conspiracy to distribute and with the intent to distribute nearly 9.9 ounces or more of crack cocaine and a quantity of cocaine.

And Flanagan in that previous case ordered Pender to be placed under five years of supervised release once he completed his sentence.

U.S. District Court records online said that in May 2015 Pender’s 131-month sentence was reduced to 99 months and that in December 2015 his sentence was reduced to 80 months.

Word of Pender being sentenced on Wednesday to a total of more than 12 years came in a news release on Friday from Nash County Chief Deputy Brandon Medina.

Medina said in the news release that the 2019 drug charges against Pender were in connection with a case led by the Nash County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division and the Wilson Police Department.

State Public Safety records online also said Pender had a prior record in Wilson County.

The records online said Pender was convicted in the following years in Wilson County for the following offenses:

  • In 2010 for possessing illegal drugs and maintaining a place for the purpose of a controlled substance.
  • In 2007 for receiving/possessing a firearm, possessing with the intent to sell illegal drugs and possessing illegal drugs.
  • In 2006 for maintaining a place for the purpose of a controlled substance and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pender had listed an address in the 13000 block of Old Smithfield Road in the Bailey area, Medina said.