A 35-year-old Sharpsburg man out on a $30,000 bond for pending drug charges was arrested Tuesday after members of the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office narcotics unit responded to a Rocky Mount address in regard to an overdose.

During the investigation, officers were told that the overdose victim had received heroin from Terrell “Pee Wee” Battle of Sharpsburg and that the heroin baggies were stamped “Nike.” Detectives also were able to retrieve a phone number for Battle.

Detective Sgt. Gregory Weeks placed a phone call to Battle using an alias and ordered an amount of heroin. Battle agreed and told Weeks to meet him at a store in the Rocky Mount area.

Detectives went to the area and began surveillance. A short time later, a vehicle arrived at the store with Battle sitting in the passenger seat.

As detectives approached the store, the driver began to leave the parking lot — along with Battle and two other passengers. The vehicle then made a sudden stop and one passenger got out of the vehicle, which continued for a short distance until it was boxed in by detectives.

Detectives said they then saw Battle stuffing something under the front passenger seat.

After Battle and all the passengers were removed from the vehicle, a search revealed seven bricks and one bundle — 360 baggies — of suspected heroin. The baggies located were stamped “Nike” and “Every Day.”

Battle was arrested and charged with two counts of trafficking heroin.

Because Battle was out on bond for pending charges of trafficking heroin, sell or deliver heroin, possession with the intent to sell or deliver heroin, maintaining a vehicle for the sale or delivery of a controlled substance, possession of heroin and habitual felon following a March 19 arrest, he was jailed under a $200,000 secured bond.