A time of isolation, a time of separation, a time of trepidation and fear. Every morning paper, all the evening news made it abundantly clear. We had to hunker down, had to mask up and allow no one to get near. No celebrations, parties or commemorations; little reason for hope or cheer. Good riddance 2020, just get out of here.

Whether I’m ready or not, 2020 will be leaving! I’m not ready to say goodbye 2020! 2020 has made me stronger! It has taught me how to deal with and pivot with a lot of unexpected changes! I know that 2020 has affected many people in many ways, but I’m looking forward to 2021 and what it has to offer! 2021 will be better because I’ll make it better!

Over and over, day after day

A year to forget but also remember

The sooner the better, the end of December

Let’s pray that the New Year as vaccines begin

Deaths and misery will come to an end

I’ll shout these final words, loud and clear

“Good Riddance” 2020, your last days are here

2020 has definitely been a year of change. Change is inevitable. We must embrace this change and by doing so we will make 2021 one of the best years to come.

Yes, 2020 was a challenging year! We had to go without dining indoors. We had to go without movie theaters. We had to go without hugging, holding hands and high fives; but there are still good things to come out of this year. We need to stay focused on the positive moving into 2021! God is still in control!

Here are my bad habits I am leaving behind in 2020:

1. Being judgmental

2. Being lazy

3. Not taking care of my body — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually

4. Resisting change

5. Making excuses

6. Poor punctuality

7. Negative thoughts

8. Worrying about the opinions of others

9. Gossiping

10. Lying

Even hard times happen for a reason. Here’s to a stronger, healthier, happier 2021.

Top things to let go from 2020:

1. Pandemic lifestyle

2. The pounds I’ve put on during the lockdown

3. Feeling dread

4. The us vs. them

5. Lack of self-discipline

6. Self-limiting beliefs

7. Toxic friends and family

8. Fear

Be like a tree. Stay grounded, connect with your roots, turn a new leaf before you break, keep growing and enjoy your natural beauty at all stages.

It’s time to start today with new hope, leave bad memories behind, and have faith for a better 2021.

Time to stop hugging my pillow in 2020 and get out and start anew in 2021.

2020! Wow! It totally sucks! I really need that $100 bucks! Thank you from a single mom who had to go without toilet paper in April, is sick of breathing my own breath, ready for a concert.

I am glad to see 2020 go away. It has been a troubling year with the COVID-19 and losing my best friend to cancer. I am ready for a new start in 2021.

2020 has been a turmoil with many lessons. But just because we cross to a New Year, our current situation will not go away that soon yet. If we all have a collective will to follow just common-sense practices in all aspects, we will see a better outcome. Let’s start today!

I am breaking up with 2020. Tell the year that I’ve had as much as I can take and I’m so done. I’ll throw his junk out the door, never to be reminded of him anymore. But I will keep the things of value such as friends, family and all the blessings. So goodbye, 2020, you are not welcomed here.

Goodbye to 2020. I am ready for a little normal life: beach, pool and having get-togethers without a mask! Miss all the good times! I want my Myrtle Beach trips back as I go several times a year! And not having to hunt down all the essential products we all need! I am over this mask thing :-)

Goodbye 2020. I hope you go down in history to never return again. We will not miss you!

Bye 2020 pandemic. Time’s up stress, anxiety, danger! Bye natural disasters, discrimination and social unrest!

Dear 2020: The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote: “Stink, stank, stunk!”

I am glad it is over and I’m thankful to be alive. Here’s to a great 2021!

Hindsight is always 2020 — so true, now, so true!

Peace and health

fun and money

a lot was lost in 2020.

So with the ring of a bell

and a beat of a drum

we all look ahead to 2021.

More than 300,000 deaths caused by COVID-19 is the lead factor for 2020 sucking so terribly. We also lost of ton of celebrities: Eddie Van Halen, Kobe Bryant, Mary H. Clark, Chadwick Boseman, Sean Connery, Kirk Douglas, Little Richard, John Prine, Charley Pride, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Alex Trebek and many more. Looking forward to a better 2021.

Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021! Bring on the normal: parties, family time, etc., etc., etc. No more 3 Ws!

Good Lord, what a year! If the year 2020 were based on vision, I’d rather go blind. Here’s to seeing this year get “flushed” and prayers for a better year to come.

I’m just looking forward to being able to carry on a conversation again without having to repeat myself because the person I’m talking with doesn’t speak “mask.”

2020: The most unusual year in any of our lifetimes. The bad news is that NOTHING HAPPENED. My 50th college reunion was canceled; my visits to grandchildren in California and my daughter in Raleigh were canceled; no vacation for me or my husband; and for the first time in 34 years, I did not get to go to New York at Christmastime to see the tree and lights.

Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021. Farewell to a year that was filled with dismay, fear, horrifying events and uncertainty that no one could have imagined. But it was also filled with more faith, a greater connection to my savior, a greater connection to my family and friends, a heightened understanding of what’s important. God is still in control.

Dear 2020, It was nice to meet you, but I am glad you are gone. Thanks for all the lessons you taught us: how to make looking like a criminal the new fashion trend; how to avoid our friends and neighbors and feel really patriotic about it; and, most of all, how to make counting COVID cases the new national sport.

2020, you were a mess all year. From devastating fires, to the deadly COVID-19, you kept throwing your worst at us. We are tired of your torture, but we stand proud hand-in-hand to survive it all. Goodbye 2020 and may 2021 be better for all.

I lived those days, I got through them. Some were hard, and some were harder. So fare thee well, you days of past. May better ones get here fast!

2020, you have been a total downer for all of humanity.

Goodbye 2020, goodbye COVID, goodbye to Kobe Bryant, goodbye Tiger King, goodbye murder hornets, goodbye wildfires, goodbye virtual school, goodbye to shutdowns, goodbye to not being able to have family get-togethers, goodbye to masks! Hello to family, faith and fun!

I’m looking forward to 2020 hindsight!

Well 2020, what can I say, it has been quite a year! You came in with a bang at the top of the year but slowly started falling down the hill each and every month. I cannot say I will miss you 2020, but I pray as you go out the door, 2021 comes through brighter and better!

Yes, 2020 was rough, but it was also a good teacher. It taught us to be grateful, to be kind, to be resilient, to take care of ourselves and others. Mostly, it taught us to hold our loved ones close and to cherish each other. These are lessons we can carry not only into 2021 but also into the years ahead.

I’m gonna look for the blessings from 2020 and give thanks! Then I’ll burn some sage, dance under the moon, shout hallelujah and ring that bell! Bye-bye baby, see ya on the flip side!

Shut the door on 2020, and throw the shutters wide open for it to escape. Cheers to health, happiness and good fortune in 2021!

Goodbye to shutdowns! Goodbye to limited lives. Goodbye to rumors spread by the TV news. My hope is, that in 2021, we will once again embrace the local journalism that is the watchdog for each and every one of us!

Goodbye 2020! You have taught me one thing: nothing or no one is good for nothing, you can always use it or them as a bad example! But seriously, my heart goes out to all who suffered and lost loved ones. I hope they find peace. I am thankful for the health care workers and those who worked the front lines to save lives. God bless America!

So very tired of “face mask required”

Haven’t seen a smile in such a long while.

All the experts’ advice has changed more than twice.

Big box stores stay open while small ones aren’t coping.

Without a peep, we have all become sheep — flush is a must!

2020 was like an enemy. We were held captive in our homes by an invisible force. We believed every cough would doom us. Germs floated in the air, waiting to attack. No one knew who would be next. Masks once worn by criminals became life-saving devices. If 2020 knocks on the door of 2021, run and hide. It can’t devour our population, again.

I am going to embrace 2021 just like 2020. I am going to thank the Lord for every day I can get and keep on praying. Much love to everyone in 2021.

First of all, I just want to thank God for bringing an end to 2020. This truly was a trying year and so many bad things happened to good people that it was a shame. We don’t know what else could happen in the coming months because people need to tighten up better than what they have done in the past months. I pray that we do better.

Flush 2020. COVID-19 struck the world without any prior indications. It is still going on even with increased rates. It is not only the USA, but the entire world is affected by this deadly virus. Holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas added fuel to fire. The second wave, stronger than the present one, has already struck the UK.

I love Elizabeth City. I think this area is a lovely place. I’d miss the scenery, the houses, the people. I’d miss the art community, the Potato Festival. There are so many places and events in EC: The Museum of the Albermarle, Arts of the Albermarle, the beautiful waterfront. I walk the streets of EC each day. Not a worry about safety. People are friendly.

I am ready and willing to “Flush 2020” because the United States of America came very close to losing our democracy. Germany was a Democracy prior to Adolf Hitler’s coming to power. Hitler changed that in four years time. Most of us know what happened after that. People say hindsight is “20-20,” but in this case, it’s “20-16.”

The United States has not shown the love that unites us all as Americans to all of us. Remember, we cannot unite in love when we are divided in hate. So, farewell 2020, God is giving America another chance to love one another in 2021 and bring America back together as the United States of America for all people.

I am sitting in front of my typewriter working on a story about my family history. I fall asleep and have the worst nightmare. Thank God the virus is gone when I wake up.

I’m thankful for the Tri-County Animal Shelter staff for its support of the region’s animals. We’re looking forward to spending an entire year with the dog we’re fostering through the holidays.

My goodbye for 2020 is that Trump will be gone. That is the best news for the whole nation and afar. Goodbye Donald J. Trump.

Goodbye to 2020. Praying for a prosperous year for everyone in 2021. Praying that COVID-19 and all the other problems in the world will be resolved in the new year. Always keep our eyes on God and have faith that he will turn this situation around, that the land will be healed and pray for the new president that he may reunite the country with peace.

2020 — Let’s unplug it and reboot!

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