Tamia Everette


A virtual ceremony for the LSV Scholarship Awards was held on June 12.

Twelve qualifying high school graduates from Edgecombe, Nash, Pitt, Wilson and Wake Counties each were awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

Greetings were extended by Director Leah S. Vines. The ceremony theme was “Give it all You Have.” The invocation was given by Helen Collins. The scripture was from Isaiah 4:10: “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God, I will strengthen you; I will help you. I will hold on to you with my righteous right hand.” The dedication song was “No Ordinary Worship” by Kelontae Gavin.

Secretary Marsha Cooper gave a brief history of the organization followed by the scholarship recipients performance presentation by President Victor Vines. He showed a graph of all 42 scholarships awarded since the establishment in 2016. The graph illustrated all awardees who have graduated from college or remain in attendance toward graduating, with the exception of one.

“The presentation was to inform donors and the organization of the effectiveness of our scholarship dollars and also to shine light on the recipients to know we have high expectation when we invest and believe in them,” Leah Vines said.

Katie Staton, the by-laws chairwoman, gave the purpose and explained briefly the functions of the scholarship program. Visit www.lsvscholarship.com for complete information.

Travis Vines introduced the speaker, his brother, President Victor Vines, a graduate of N.C. State University with a bachelor’s degree in environmental design and architecture and the principal and founder of Vines Architecture of Raleigh.

The topic of his speech was, “Better Yourself.” As he spoke to the recipients, he began by speaking about the mindset of the population. He told them 98 percent of the population’s comfort zone is to be like everyone else, fear, play it safe, procrastinate, settle for less, survive, regrets, just get by and insecurity.

He encouraged them to guide themselves into the 2 percent mindset: Going for dreams, embracing the unknown, confidence, excitement, liking change, exploring new things, living without limits, choosing happiness, abundance, fulfillment, acting in spite of fear, getting the most out of life. This is how you will better yourself.

“You may often feel tired not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little what sparks a light in you,” he told them. “Sometimes God will slow you down so the the evil ahead of you will pass before you get there. Your delay could mean your protection.”

He talked about the word tendency, meaning an inclination toward a particular characteristic or type of behavior. He warned them of all the happenings gonging on in college life that they are about to enter into will most likely be bigger and greater than what they are leaving at home.

He reminded them to not get so caught up that they forget the purpose of them being there, to be cautious of the company they keep.

“Some people aren’t who they say the are,” he said. “Friends who always got your back are very rare — if you have one, keep them. Everyday is a new opportunity to became a better version of yourself.”

He closed by wishing them all well and offered the ones going to N.C. State his support if at anytime they need him.

Twelve scholarship certificates were presented by Leah S. Vines to:

  • Parker Brown.
  • Tamia Everett, who will attend N.C. State University.
  • Timothy Lewis, who will attend N.C. State University.
  • Jada Battle, who will attend Barton College.
  • Tyler Bryant, who will attend East Carolina University.
  • Peyton Johnson, who will attend East Carolina University.
  • Malaya Zerbe, who will attend East Carolina University.
  • Devyn Bullock, who will attend NC Central University.
  • Aesya Jones, who will attend UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Jordon McLeod, who will attend UNC-Wilmington.
  • Trevor Paul, who will attend Pensacola Christian College.
  • Mauranda Morga, who will attend UNC-Greensboro.

Each recipient gave expressions of thanks and appreciation. Expressions also from Annie Gilbert, an attendee and donor. Invitations were sent to all donors, many of whom attended the ceremony. Leah S. Vines gave closing remarks, wishing them all the best and giving a thank you to all the donors. Expressions and benediction were given by Helen Collins.