Alyssa Brookhart of Rocky Mount has received a 2021 scholarship from the N.C. Wildlife Federation.

Since the 1970s, the N.C. Wildlife Federation has awarded scholarships to more than 300 college students from across the state to follow their dreams of studying and working in the wildlife and conservation fields.

Brookhart is a student at N.C. Wesleyan College studying environmental science and chemistry with a focus on investigating and reducing pharmaceutical pollution in bodies of water.

Brookhart plans to pursue a career as an environmental health specialist and hopes her research will influence public policy and scientific study.

Additionally, she wants to increase awareness about the impact that consumer choices, personal care products and pharmaceuticals have on the environment.

Brookhart has interned at the Calvert Marine Museum, Chesapeake Biological Lab Visitor Center and Calvert Health Department, pursuing her goal and field work in the face of health and mobility challenges. Her hobbies include nature photography, soccer, hiking with her dog and learning about wildlife.