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Mandy Triplett, right, teaches Trezer Owino CPR on July 25 at Nash General Hospital.

A common thread woven throughout every department, every job and every action of every staff person at Nash UNC Health Care is Carolina Care.

Carolina Care is the culture nurtured and promoted within the walls of Nash UNC. It’s about kindness, empathy and taking the utmost care of all who come through the doors of Nash UNC. All employees are asked to be intentional about treating patients and their families the way they’d want to be treated.

One way Nash UNC encourages this business culture is by making sure all employees are trained on Carolina Care and what it means.

Mandy Triplett, staff development/orientation coordinator at Nash UNC, serves as a key figure in making sure Carolina Care is understood and encouraged throughout the facility. She is in charge of new employee orientations and teaches a one-hour segment on Carolina Care.

“Carolina Care is a way of thinking, and we can encourage certain behaviors to implement it,” Triplett said. “At its most basic, it’s treating others the way you’d want to be treated or how you’d want your family to be treated in a health care facility. It’s about being kind, using empathy and going above and beyond to meet the needs of our patients,” Triplett said.

Triplett, who teaches a variety of health and staff development classes, said teaching Carolina Care isn’t like teaching the black and white steps to successfully doing CPR on a patient or regulatory compliance classes.

“I do my best to set a good example, to model it for our new staffers,” Triplett said. “It’s about behaviors to strive for that help you build good connections and relationships with people — even just offering help with directions to a family lost in a hallway. Carolina Care is about every interaction being based on kindness and compassion.”

Triplett said for most employees working in a health care facility, there is an innate sense of wanting to help others.

“For us in the health care field, hopefully, we already have that instinct to want to help others, so Carolina Care is not a big stretch,” she said. “But by making it such a central part of who we are, Nash UNC really makes it the number one priority for all of us, from the surgeons to the patient registrars, to the pharmacy techs to the security employees.”

Triplett, like other Nash UNC employees, sometimes takes the Carolina Care training outside the physical building of the campus. Triplett recently assisted at a traffic accident her family came upon while travelling during a vacation.

“I assisted in giving CPR to a juvenile until the emergency responders arrived and then I sat with the mom and tried to keep her calm and keep her from going into shock. It really gave me a newfound respect for what emergency responders do and how they do their work,” Triplett said.

Triplett said, like helping out at the accident, Carolina Care is about pitching in — whenever and where ever you can — to make a person’s experience at the hospital better.

“You just never know when you will have an impact on someone in need,” Triplett continued. “I think at Nash UNC, we all assume we can help make someone’s day better, in some way. That’s our goal.”