Church Book

‘The Killing of the Christian Church in America’ is now available on Amazon and other retail outlets.

A local author recently completed his book, “The Killing of the Christian Church in America,” which is now available on Amazon and other retail outlets.

Gene Jackson, a 32-year resident of Rocky Mount, said he considers his book to be informative, factual and prophetic.

According to the author, there is no comparison or similarity in what is being preached from today’s pulpits to that which was preached in the 1st Century. Christianity in the 1st Century was like flying on a Boeing 737, but is now being proclaimed from a Piper Cub.

The author, a retired minister who has pastored churches in several states, along with many theologians, believes that unbelievers outnumber believers in the-majority-of denominational churches throughout America.

He explores many of the inroads being made in Christian denominations by vocationally called ministers who are not preaching the gospel; the lifestyles of believers; LGBTQ members being ordained to the clergy; and a lack of religious interest by Millennials.

“When Jesus said, ‘I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it,’ he was not speaking of the building of church buildings,” Jackson said. “Yearly, thousands of denominational churches are closing their doors. The book addresses the causes, reasons and trends which are attributable for these closures and offer ways for churches and its members to evaluate their church to see if it will soon be on the threshold of closure.”

Amazon offers a free on-line reading of the first six chapters.