Kirk Williams

Kirk Williams

Many of Kirk William’s coworkers at Nash UNC Health Care will tell you his work ethic and use of Carolina Care is second to none.

Carolina Care is embedded in the organizational culture of Nash UNC and embodies a spirit of caring, compassion and empathy that employees use when interacting with patients and each other. Nash UNC employees will tell you it’s an intentional use of kindness to take care of others.

Williams is the technical assistant in the medical library. He’s held the position for two years and has been employed at Nash UNC Health Care for nine years.

Williams said his mother showed him what hard work and doing your best was supposed to look like. They lived in Brooklyn, N.Y., with Williams moving to North Carolina in 2006.

“She was an amazing person and didn’t just teach me the importance of doing your best and working hard — she illustrated it,” Williams said. “She was an educator, single mother of five children, went back to school, attended PTO meetings — she did it all.”

Stacy Jesso, vice president of development at Nash UNC Heath Care, said Williams is always willing and available to help her — even at the last minute. She said Williams recently assisted her with a presentation for a Nash UNC Health Care Foundation board meeting.

“Kirk helped me master my insecurity with the equipment and I know he is always willing and available to help me. He takes such good care of us and truly goes the extra mile,” Jesso said.

Williams said the most important lesson he learned from his mother was to strive to make connections with people.

“She taught all of us that the connections we make with other people will direct us to what is needed to do better at work, make our community better and be better people.”he said.

Williams said he tries to look at his work not as tasks, but as opportunities to help other people.

“Whether I’m hooking up AV equipment to help a foundation member make a presentation, assisting a manager with printing for a class or helping someone find their way to an appointment, it’s all about connecting with someone and wanting to help,” Williams said. “There is no ‘that’s not my job.’ We’re all in this together.”

Williams’ official duties include helping to organize equipment and supplies for community events, meetings and educational classes at Nash UNC Health Care, assisting medical staff in publishing articles, assisting in setting up meeting areas and maintaining equipment and resources in the medical library, which includes over 1,000 items — from laptops and projectors to CPR dummies.

Ashley Flye, marketing and communications specialist at Nash UNC Health Care, said Williams is always quick to jump in and help her and other coworkers.

“I’ve seen Kirk jump in last minute at events or meetings to help us overcome obstacles and unforeseen issues. I’ve been the recipient of his kindness and help too many times to count, and for that I am so grateful.” Flye said. “He truly is a Carolina Care champion and an incredible teammate.”

Williams said his outlook on work and connecting with others is a good fit for the culture of compassion and caring at Nash UNC Health Care.

“The Carolina Care culture the hospital promotes is kind of like what my mother taught me,” he said with a laugh. “It’s about not passing by anyone or anything that needs help, doing what needs to be done and being happy to do it. I see this outlook growing here at work and taking root out in our community, too.”

Improving the overall health of the community is the goal of Nash UNC Health Care, Williams said.

“We do this here at the hospital, one patient at a time,” he said. “But we also do it with our community endeavors, classes open to the public and our outreach efforts. Connections — they’re as important as the medical skills we have here.”