Heroes Award

My Sister’s House was the top beneficiary of a ‘Hometown Heroes’ fundraising contest sponsored by Rick Davenport Auto.

Staff at Rick Davenport Auto wanted to do something to honor the essential workers working through the pandemic.

For several weeks, people could nominate community members as “Hometown Heroes.” These heroes who varied from health care providers to fire and rescue to law enforcement got the chance to guess how many golf balls were in a kiddie pool.

To ensure as many heroes were reached as possible, staff traveled to over 140 places in the community with the kiddie pool in the back of a truck for people to make their guesses with First Media Radio promoting the contest as well. Almost 400 essential workers participated.

Pattie Debro was the winner with her guess of 1,999 and works at Somerset Court of Rocky Mount, a local assisted living home. To support the community at large, the staff at Rick Davenport Auto selected five charities to receive donations: My Sister’s House, Nash Health Care Foundation, Officer Chris “Batman” Drive Memorial, John Sykes Scholarship Fund and Nash County EMS.

Debro was able to choose which charity received the top prize, a dollar for each golf ball in the pool. Debro chose My Sister’s House and said that she “loves her residents and was glad she could help MSH.”

Executive Director Emily Lemus said she was very pleased to receive the call that My Sister’s House had been chosen.

“When Norman Webb called to let us know I was elated. This contest honored many of the ‘Hometown Heroes’ in this community, people we collaborate and partner with all the time in service of victims of domestic violence,” she said. “To be chosen reminds the MSH staff and clients that we are not forgotten, we are seen, and we are valued by members of the community.”

The timing could not have been better as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“The pandemic has greatly increased service needs in our community and this funding will help us to continue to serve local families in crisis,” Lemus said.

Debro and Lemus were excited to meet at Rick Davenport Auto to celebrate the winning. Debro won a cash prize of $1,000 and My Sister’s House received $1,995. The other winners and charities were given prizes and donations.