Landing a new job, whether it’s for a business here in Rocky Mount or working remotely for another company, doesn’t usually happen quickly.

Luckily, there are now more online resources than ever to help streamline the process and make sure Rocky Mount candidates are putting their best foot forward.

With so many apps tailored to the career search, candidates can access job boards, build resumes, network with other professionals and find advice all from their mobile devices. Being connected using technology will help you stay on top of your job hunt.

U.S. Cellular has apps and tips for anyone looking to advance their career:

Useful apps:

  • Indeed Job Search: This app allows people to search millions of jobs with filters by keyword, location, experience and then apply to the jobs straight from a mobile device.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an all-in-one free job search app perfect for networking, sharing professional news and applying for jobs.
  • CV Engineer: This free mobile app walks users through the process of creating their resume and cover letters with examples, advice and templates.
  • Resume Builder: This free mobile app helps users design and create a professional resume with templates and industry keywords that help users describe their work experience in the best light.

Helpful tips:

  • Tailor your applications: Tailoring an application to fit the job description by including specific keywords and responses to the actual qualifications will help it stand out in a crowd.
  • Spell check: Using a website like Grammarly or word processing software to check for spelling and grammar errors will prevent any embarrassing typos.
  • Research: Researching the company before an interview and coming prepared with specific questions about the job role, the company and the industry will show professionalism and a genuine interest in the position.
  • Prepare and practice: Looking up typical interview questions and writing out detailed answers that incorporate previous work experiences ahead of time will make answering even the trickiest of questions a breeze.

Jeremy Taylor is director of sales for US Cellular in eastern North Carolina.