As you may know, the United Way Community Giving Campaign is currently underway. We are hoping to raise as many funds as possible to support local nonprofit programs that are providing tremendous support in our communities to thousands of children, families and individuals.

We are very concerned about our fundraising efforts this year, especially when the needs in our community are overwhelmingly high. The most concerning thought is that people in our community may not get the help and support that they need if the United Way Campaign is unable to reach its goal of $1.1 million.

With a situation like COVID-19, so many organizations, including nonprofits, have needed to step up even more, to help address our wide-ranging community needs. As nonprofits are stepping up, resources are declining in many cases. It is a double whammy–the needs are greater and the resources are scarcer.

When you think about United Way programs that support meeting basic needs, your donations help ensure community members have a safe and affordable place to live, food on the table and a safety net of services that will help them prosper. We know that especially because of COVID-19, many of our local citizens are really struggling right now to simply meet their basic needs and those of their family.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs demonstrates that if these fundamentals are not met, it makes it very difficult for a person to move to higher levels of self-sufficiency. United Way funded programs promote financial stability and fight poverty by providing feeding support, housing and safety net services needed to lift those within our community

Another area of United Way funding is to support education. This is certainly a focus particularly now with the challenges of COVID-19. We know that the local school systems and educational entities are working around the clock to have students in schools safely and ensure they have the environment for effective teaching and learning.

We, as a community, can support their efforts, and this is an important goal for United Way. Your donations help provide programs that support our early learners, provide after school opportunities, offer summer learning programs, provide workforce ready students and so much more. These programs are needed now, more than ever, to wrap around our students to ensure they have every opportunity possible.

During a time like a pandemic, health is certainly on every person’s mind. We know that our health is really the cornerstone to everything in life. As another focus for United Way, we fund programs that improve physical and mental well-being, provide access to medicines and provide services that prevent and/or manage chronic physical and mental illnesses. Your donations will go so far to help nonprofits provide essential programs to our citizens as we recover from the challenges associated with COVID-19 and look toward a healthier future. Our citizens are having to make tough choices now, and we want to ensure they can choose the path to greater health.

United Way is here for our community in times of good and in times of challenge. Right now, we know that our nonprofits and citizens need us. We hope you will help us help others by making a donation today. Please visit to give and ensure that we support the building blocks for a better life — education, health and financial stability. Your donation will fund local programs and services that help thousands here in our community.

With one gift, many nonprofits and people benefit, and our United Way will ensure that it has the greatest impact. We are thankful for your belief and trust in our United Way.