Happy New Year to you. With such a difficult 2020 for so many, we seem to all be breathing a collective sigh that a new year is here and with that, a renewed hope for a brighter future.

Here at United Way, like many nonprofits, 2020 proved to be one of our most difficult years with donations lower, citizens’ needs higher, and the effects of a pandemic making it very challenging to meet our extreme community needs.

As we begin 2021, we want to express our gratitude to our thousands of donors, as well as our extensive network of volunteers and nonprofit partners who believe in the power of positive change through United Way. Without all of you, we would be unable to have the collective impact and positive results that we do through United Way.

We appreciate that you value the health and human service programs that United Way donations fund, and we remain hopeful for a new year where we can assess and address needs while striving for our mission to unite people and resources to build a stronger community.

Even in such a challenging time, your support has helped United Way have tremendous impact in our community. Your contributions cross many sectors and help thousands of individuals and families.

United Way funds local programs and services throughout Nash and Edgecombe counties that tackle our community’s biggest challenges within three key areas: Education, Income-Financial Stability and Health. Donations target root causes to community needs as we work toward lasting improvements.

Because of you, over the last year, United Way has had tremendous positive impact in our community.

In Education, 11,565 people were impacted through 11 programs with an investment of $341,580 to support academic success, youth development, afterschool support, parenting classes, and other community-based programs. In Income-Financial Stability, 32,466 people were assisted through 15 programs with an investment of $339,953 to help our most vulnerable in feeding, affordable housing, and in meeting other human needs.

In Health, 3,324 people were helped through nine programs with an investment of $119,681 to foster a healthier community through access to healthcare, medicines as well as physical and mental health programs.

In addition, $142,050 has been invested through our local COVID-19 Fund into 49 programs that have assisted 30,758 citizens in filling gaps created by the pandemic. Feeding, sheltering, financial assistance, medical needs, senior supports, remote learning and many other areas have been addressed by the additional support. We also distributed 25,000 face masks, 2,000 produce boxes, numerous school supplies as well as assisted 2,619 local citizens in need through our office and our 211 Information & Referral program.

Our prescription assistance program, Familywize, helped 6,686 community members save $374,408, our volunteer hours through United Way were valued at $101,500, and we allocated $171,032 through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program.

Impact like this happens when we all come together. United Way gives us the perfect vehicle to unite and make a big difference for so many. As 2021 begins, words like gratitude, appreciation, and hopefulness come to mind. We are grateful for and appreciative of your support and remain hopeful that we can continue to come together through United Way for the betterment of our community and our fellow neighbors.