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It’s the sacred right of all Americans to complain about their government — even if they do so in destructive and nonsensical ways. Read more

The first of April marks the point of reference for the U.S. Census, the constitutionally mandated decennial count of all residents regardless of status. Census Day should not be misinterpreted as a deadline to respond, but rather should be taken as an opportunity to learn how informing the U.S. Census Bureau about the details of your household will benefit our state, your community and, most importantly, you and your family directly. Read more

COVID-19 has changed our lives, our society and the world dramatically in a very short time, and likely in some ways that will be permanent. For some, these changes are an inconvenience. For others, they can be far more serious. Read more

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Over the past two weeks, Gov. Roy Cooper and local officials have imposed a regulatory regime of increasing severity on North Carolinians. Their stated goal is to slow the spread of COVID-19 so the number of cases requiring hospitalization won’t shoot far above the maximum capacity of hospitals and other health providers. Read more

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