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Former president Calvin Coolidge once noted that if Americans first thought of the federal government when they think of the term “government,” that it would harm the fabric of our Republic. Yet, the first thought of most citizens is the federal government when they think of elections or government in general. This too is revealed in the ballot box. Read more

Republican and conservative journalists and politicos need to avoid a trap when discussing the Hunter Biden laptop story. The trap might be called the “can’t prove untrue” maneuver that we saw from Democrats and their allies in the media when discussing the Steele dossier during the Trump-Russia investigation. Read more

Karl Rove, an influential Republican strategist, wrote in The Wall Street Journal that President Trump’s political prospects are “more dire” than they were four years ago. “In such a bizarre year, anything is possible. But possible doesn’t mean likely. As insurance, Republicans better fight like hell to keep the Senate.” Read more

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