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Asheville City Council members are to be commended for the historic and courageous move they took July 14 when they approved a resolution that calls for reparations for Black Ashevillians and issued an apology for the city’s role in the enslavement of Black people. Read more

An article in Politico got a lot of buzz in Washington, D.C., by reporting that Sen. Kamala Harris might not be a very strong front-runner, or even a front-runner at all, in the Democratic vice presidential selection race. Politico reported that 76-year-old former Sen. Chris Dodd, a member of 77-year-old former Sen. Joe Biden’s VP selection committee, was unhappy that Harris showed “no remorse” for her rough attacks on Biden during the Democratic presidential primary season. Read more

If the protesters swarming the streets of Portland, Oregon, and other cities really want to defeat President Trump, they might want to consider this suggestion: Go home. Read more

Saturday, August 01, 2020

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