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I gather from my social-media feeds and hate mail that North Carolinians are supposed to be infuriated at the way things are going in our state. I have my frustrations with certain politicians, to be sure, but I’m not infuriated. Nor am I alone. Read more

Monday, January 27, 2020

Super Tuesday began as a Southern regional primary designed by the Democratic Party to allow more moderate candidates to emerge who could win the White House. In 1988, then Tennessee Sen. Al Gore was the favorite going into that string of contests, but it was the Rev. Jesse Jackson from the party’s left who emerged with more wins and delegates than Gore on that day. Read more

The Senate impeachment trial began with political theater over rules. Senate Republicans prefer an expeditious trial while Democrats who rushed to impeach in the House are suddenly demanding witnesses and crying “coverup.” So let’s break down what’s really going on in the fight over witnesses. Read more

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