When U.S. President Joe Biden met with America’s top allies at the G-7 summit in England last week, the primary objective seemed to be to signal-boost the appearance of unity against America’s geopolitical adversaries. The primary bogeyman propped up for use as a rhetorical punching bag was China, suggesting a pivot away from Russia as the designated global villain. Read more

It is 50 years next month since Henry Kissinger embarked on the secret mission to Beijing that led to a rapprochement: “It is the conviction of President Nixon that a strong and developing People’s Republic of China poses no threat to any essential U.S. interest,” the national security adviser assured leaders there. Half a century on, the thaw is over.  Read more

The leaders of the North Carolina General Assembly are at a crossroads concerning the most significant issue that confronts the state — fulfilling the state Constitution’s pledge, the right, that every child must have access to a quality education. Read more

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In the first public accounting of its kind in decades, an Associated Press investigation has found that at least 1,900 U.S. military firearms were lost or stolen during the 2010s, with some resurfacing in violent crimes. And that's certainly an undercount.

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JIUQUAN, China (AP) — State media say a Chinese spaceship carrying a three-person crew has docked with the country's new space station at the start of 3-month mission. The Shenzhou-12 craft connected with the Tianhe space station module about six hours after takeoff Thursday. The crew will c…

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