High ranking on scary states list is harsh

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As much as community leaders in the Twin Counties have focused their energy on making the area more attractive to new businesses and industries, we can’t help but wonder now if we haven’t all concentrated on the wrong qualities.

North Carolina as a whole, it turns out, has been deemed one of the “scariest states” in the nation by Estately -- a real estate search website. North Carolina’s ranking -- No. 6 in the country -- has nothing to do with the quality of education or crime control or even the often baffling actions of the N.C. General Assembly.

Instead, the Estately website notes that North Carolina ranks fourth in the country for hurricanes, fifth for shark attacks and 10th for lightning strikes.

Who knew lightning strikes played such a key role in determining where people move?

We’re not sure there’s a lot we can do to emphasize hurricane prevention here in the Twin Counties, but surely the new survey should prompt economic recruiters to post dozens of pictures of City Lake Park and the city reservoir on local websites.

So far as we know, there has never been a shark attack in either the park or the reservoir.

That ought to count for something.

We’d like to note that North Carolina raised no flags over some of the other fears rated by the site -- fears of clowns, bears, dentists and murderers, to name a few.

Florida was rated the No. 1 scariest state in America. North and South Dakota were the least scary states.

What ... no clowns, sharks or dentists in the Dakotas?