David Swanson deep fries peanuts during one of the 2nd Saturday events held in 2008 on Courthouse Square in Tarboro.
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David Swanson deep fries peanuts during one of the 2nd Saturday events held in 2008 on Courthouse Square in Tarboro.

2nd Saturday entertains Tarboro

By Tyler Kes
Staff Writer

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In a never ending battle against boredom, the Edgecombe County Cultural Art Council is kicking off the 2nd Saturday series of events with a free concert this weekend.

The concert is from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday at the Edgecombe County Courthouse Square in downtown Tarboro, Executive Director Joyce Turner said.

“We are starting something different,” she said. “We are going to have an outdoor concert. This particular concert is going to feature Coco Rouzier. She is going to be performing jazz, R&B and soul music, that kind of thing.”

The event will see the council step outside and into the summer sun, Turner said.

“We are just trying to bring performances and artists outside the Blount-Bridgers House and into the community,” she said. “We are hoping it will be a success.”

The idea is that because the concert is outside, it will give people an opportunity to listen to music while or after they eat, Turner said.

“We are hoping that everyone will have a pleasant evening,” she said.

Because the event is free and since many schools have their graduations that weekend, Turner said she hopes there will be a lot of people in attendance.

“The more the merrier,” she said. “The courthouse is a big open area, so we would be happy if there was at least a hundred people out there, but I do not know, with this being the first event.”

The council has been putting on 2nd Saturday events for several years now, Turner said.

“That is piggy-backing off of many other groups in North Carolina that have 2nd Saturday events,” she said. “Traditionally, we did it in the Blount-Bridgers House, but there are so many things out in the community we want to expose people to, and this being a common area, like the Main Street area that we can also in the future incorporate local businesses and artists, musicians. We just want to work with the businesses as well as the artists.”

In addition to being entertaining, Turner said she hopes the event brings exposure to local artists.

“A lot of people are not aware of what we do have in our area,” she said. “A lot of people are guilty of doing that in their town and cities. This is a way to spotlight what you do have to offer, and hopefully give exposure to the advocates of the arts because the arts are important for quality of life. Also, to promote tourism as well.”

Rouzier was chosen for the first performance after Turner saw her perform last year.

“She’s just bubbly energy, a wonderful performer and works well with all ages,” she said. “We just thought she would be a great artist to showcase for our first outdoor performance.”

Rouzier said she would describe her music as being more soulful than jazz.

“There is a famous song I agree with that says ‘Jazz ain’t nothing but soul,’” she said. “I have a jazzy style that is really soul.”

Some seating will be available, Turner said, but the council is asking people to bring chairs.

The event is brought to the public through a partnership with the town of Tarboro, whose Parks and Recreation Department will help set up for the event, and grants from the N.C. Arts Council, Turner said.

No alcohol is allowed on the premise during the event, Turner said.

The series will continue July 12 with a concert by Milton Bullock and Aug. 9 with a Back To School Bash.

For more information, call 823-4159 or email Turner at jturner@