Debra Danielle Swanson

Debra Danielle Swanson

Woman charged in drug bust

From Staff Reports

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Authorities seized marijuana and cocaine from a woman Friday night while patrolling an area of Layola Avenue.

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Get a real job like me....

Get a real job like me.... she will be out of jail before the officer finishes his paperwork!

know the facts before you comment

first of all I am the woman this article is about and you do NOT know me or my story!! all you know is what is in this article and that doesn't even begin to tell it all. I had a real job (probably even better than your job) at the time this happened to me and I have a real job now!!! and as a matter of fact I have been employed since I was 15 years old and have ALWAYS held a job so before you judge a person based on a newspaper article maybe you should ask yourself "do I really know what happened"??? I do not have to explain myself to you or anyone else for that matter but for you to make a comment and not even know the truth actually pisses me off. for your information I am innocent of all of the charges I received and I was more of a victim in this situation than you will ever know. with that said have a wonderful life because I surely will!!

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