Undercover operation nets more than 30 suspected dealers

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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Rocky Mount police wrapped up a three-month undercover drug operation this week with the arrests of more than 30 people.

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Head -em-up move-em out raw hide

This cowboy approach to petty crime (street level drug dealers) is old bull schitt. The police know and knew that where the killing took place on Branch street was and is a hot spot for drugs. When will the city realize that these people don't know any thing else but what they're being rounded up for doing time after time. You had better pray as the PD watch for 3 months and allow crime to take place that you or your loved ones don't fall victim. It's a shame that the city council can find half million dollars for a dog park, $50K for a Bar-B-Q park, $100K to give outsiders to tell us what we need for our city to make it better, $50 million+ for an event center, have spent millions to tear down houses and displace whole communities, give the CDC $150K for no explained reason, dump hundreds of thousands into the Prime Smokehouse, give raises to themselves when the fruits of their labor has the city ranked 4th in the USA as the most impoverished, in the top 10 in the USA as the most violent but can't find one cent to help us create jobs for these "street level drug dealers" and teach them a better way to live making our city a safer place for all of us. Please hurry DC HUD

Street level drug dealing

I guess street level drug dealers arent a problem???

No the're not.

Lack of control is the problem and people who think selling drugs will be a thing of the past. No one will ever get rid of drugs, crime, murder, poverty, unemployment, ect. it's the laws that keep control. Take a close look at Denver because it's on it's way. How can one expect to pay teachers depending on the proceeds from gambling by poor people? Which is the greater evil of the two? You old school folks need to wake up and see the world for what it is and all the evil that has taken over and it's not going to get any better until the end if you can believe that.

Spot on observation Lasko

Well said. I would also add that they continue to round up people for bogus non crimes to keep the money flowing into what I call the prison industry. If the DA does not prosecute more people each year then they receive less funds. If they receive less funds then they dont get a raise. Its all about money. Money for building jails, maintaining them, designing them, remodeling them, and on and on.

Right on point

Louis Strickland, even if some people don't want to believe or accept the fact that crime is a multi billion dollar industry it is. The problem is that the industry is depended on someone being a victim so the system allow and function on a "casualty of war" mentality. It's just numbers and if the numbers don't add up then you don't get the money. The industry will make the numbers work because they are not going to give the money back and if they don't use the money they received they won't get the money the next time around even if they have to waste the money, it's all about the money. So as I said "pray and hope that you or yours don't end up as a casualty of war" Those who have become victim are not casualties of war but of a broken corrupted industry. Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858

waste of time and money

Bogus non crimes

That Oughta Do It!

No doubt that they now see the error of their ways and once released back on the streets they'll never do it again and will become fine upstanding law abiding respectful responsible citizens of this fine community...


and the sky is purple and everybody loves you

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