Michael Shannon Velasquez

Michael Shannon Velasquez

Suspected car thief nabbed after short vehicle chase

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A Pitt County theft suspect was jailed Thursday thanks to the help of Rocky Mount police investigating a stolen vehicle.

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Car Thieft Prevention

We are in the age of technology where new innovations are taking place by micro-sec by sec. That's the main reason we can say we can avoid car theft by installing new technology and application into dashboard of our car. And Cars like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche etc they have the facility. So we need to do it and go for a right service station who can help us. BMW Tune Up North Hollywood

Good attempt and finally

Good attempt and finally succeeded in catching the thief. Car robbery is increasing very rapidly. You should always be careful while parking your car because most of the robberies happen in the parking lot. New technologies have been invented to keep your car safe from robbers. You can implement those technologies like car alarm etc., and be safe. Nice post. Porsche Repair Portland

After so much racing behind

After so much racing behind the thief finally he was caught. He should be punished severely so that he may not think of repeat the crime. Car should be locked properly and check twice before you leave the car. One should not go to any garage for repair or leave the car in the hands of mechanics because this is also the way of car theft. Choose wisely before going to any repair center. Volkswagen Service Portland

Car thefts are common now a

Car thefts are common now a days. People should be alert and check their door lock properly. These thieves at first keep an eye on the car holders and mark their activity then make strategy and stole. Car sensors are the best option to avoid car theft and also the important thing to do is always attach a CCTV camera in the parking lot so that it will be easier to catch the thief. Honda Repair Chatsworth

Car Safety and Security

Car Thieves are stealing more number of cars these days. So, the car sensors and the infotainment technology used in car will definitely in such cases. Several car models with latest technologies helping people or car users a lot in terms of the safety and security of the car. Driverless car technology is definitely a revolution in the car industry. This also helps to enhance the car's safety.

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