Student charged with calling in bomb threat to Tarboro High

From Staff Reports

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A Tarboro High School student was charged Monday for allegedly calling in a bomb threat.

Darrell Lamont Murphy, 17, was charged with making a false bomb report.

Tarboro police said Murphy called a teacher from within Tarboro High School stating he was going to blow up the school.

“The school administration was able to identify where the call came from and who made the call in less than two minutes,” Edgecombe County Public Schools Superintendent John D. Farrelly said in a written statement. “In working with the school resource officer, the student was detained immediately and legal action was initiated.”

Officials did not say what punishment Murphy would face at the school, only citing the offense is a level three violation.

“The school system will follow its policies and procedures in addressing disciplinary action regarding this incident,” Farrelly said in the release. “This kind of behavior will not be tolerated in our school system.”