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Man robbed, assaulted at ATM

From Staff ReportsBy Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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A 30-year-old man was treated and released after being assaulted and robbed while at an ATM.

According to police reports, the victim was in his vehicle around 2 p.m. Wednesday at the ATM on the 800 block of Harbour West Drive when he was approached by two assailants. The suspects reportedly physically assaulted him and stole money before running away toward the back of Food Lion.

One suspect is described as a 6-foot tall black man in his thirties, weighing about 180 pounds with medium-length dreadlocks and wearing a red shirt and dark-colored jeans. The second suspect is described as a 5-foot-7 black man, also in his thirties, weighing about 175 pounds with a light-colored shirt on.

Rocky Mount authorities advised caution and situational-awareness at all times, but especially when money is involved.

“We encourage individuals to pay close attention to their surroundings and other individuals,” police Cpl. Mike Lewis said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 977-1111 or Text a tip to police at 274637 by beginning messages with RMPOL to direct the tip to the Rocky Mount Police Department and type up to 155 characters about the information.


So, can't go to an ATM in

So, can't go to an ATM in broad daylight. But let's get that civic center built.

Good law-abiding citizens of Rocky Mount stand up

We must abide by the law and take care of our families, this a fact that crime in this area has reaching epidemic proportions. What are we going to do about It. We must stand up and help the Police Department to catch these criminals also we have no choice but to lookout for homes and families. These so-called gangsta think they CAN run something and getting away with something. Well good citizens of Rocky Mount stand together so these so-called gangsters KNOW the "Bucks stop here". The good citizens of Rocky Mount are not A weak people and not pushovers, we try to live a decent life and raise our children to be a contributing part in our society. I'm standing up and saying out loud, if you come my way you get what you get. You so-called gangsters need to receive what you are putting out to innocent victims in 7 folds and the LAW should be fair to those good citizens WHO stand up for their rights not to become a victim to these so-called gangsters, "Remember" these so-called gangsters are human just like you they want to administer pain-and-suffering they can also receive pain and suffering.


So we can put those thugs to work and keep an eye on them and know where they're at and what they're doing, makes more sense than getting robed at an ATM.

The people committing the

The people committing the crimes would not work regardless if any jobs were available.


Some of them I agree, but, the only reason I try to help those who are trying to help themselves is because they want a better community and future for their children and the city. The most difficult hurdle to conquer is convincing others of that fact and that contributes to the problems.

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