Chonquela Charese Tyner
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Chonquela Charese Tyner

Authorities bust three suspected heroin traffickers

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Three suspected heroin traffickers were arrested recently in a multi-agency operation in Rocky Mount.

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Look who is conspicuously absent in the arrest.

they should get let of

Bogus Non Crimes.

The PD does their job

The PD does their job arresting them each time... It's the DA' s / judges that get pleas or let them off. Maybe taking a look at who prosecutes them should be the next move. As long as they get their fees and get paid they just don't appear to care. Criminals will even tell you... I'll be out in 30 days...etc because they know. I'm sure it's frustrating to the police to arrest these people just knowing they will get off.... Lots of charges get thrown out on a daily basis. If you want a change you need to show it at election time

Election time?

How do you think those in office got there? If you don't know why the DA'S office has to "make deals" with these petty crimes it's because the jails are packed beyond capacity and the fact that the prison system creates thousands of jobs and is an multi billion dollar industry the police has a roll to play to keep the system welled oiled and that's what they do. Change will only come when other option are made available such as job creation, job training and knowledge. That's not the PD. nor the DA'S jobs but the city council and the citizens. If we want change for our city then we have to make that change, change (create new) every thing that exist but don't produce(nonprofits, churches). Create a company that will create jobs, train and target these people and the city will see change for the betterment of the city. That's what we do but the biggest problem is that the citizens don't want to help make change but they want change so don't blame the PD,DA or the city council the citizens only have them selves to blame. The Re Group 1 Johnny Cunningham 252-266-3858

over and over

how many times do they get out of jail free . it is apparent that they are going to do as they please . how many lives do they destroy before they are stopped .


As long as the City Council and Rocky Mount PD allow or until the dealer hits the federal level this is how the PD. deal with this issue let the feds deal with it as we hope that we or none of our loved ones fall victim. A lot of people have no idea of how the poor suffer (live) in Rocky Mount, some live and act as wild animals, some are so poverty stricken that hope is not even a 4 letter word, children being raised in the street by the street without parents, children sleeping in pissed stains beds with empty stomachs, children living with desires of death for a lack of any thing better in their life and it's all because the systems in place don't work and those with the power to make change won't. OVER AND OVER AND OVER until we the citizen of Rocky Mount create a new system.

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