Cedric Sherrod Williams
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Cedric Sherrod Williams

Alleged heroin dealer busted for sixth time

By Brie Handgraaf

Staff Writer

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A Tuesday night search of a home on Pine Knoll Drive landed a convicted felon behind bars to face his sixth count of trafficking heroin since 2012 in addition to other charges.

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This article or why he hasn't been tried is not for anyone to figure out but the judge or his lawyers . Only thing these crooked police worried about is money. That's why he keeps getting out. This article is lies anyway.. Oh and btw the name's Shavonda not Shovanda ;)... Sharrod not Sherrod


hurry hurry let him out so he can do it again .


hurry hurry let him out so he can do it again .


Hey. I figured out whats goung on. A mans got to do what mans got to do to afford his Obamacare! Rocky Mount's finest


Ok so you are saying this is his 6th time?? My question is why is he NOT under the jail.... Not understanding how they can keep getting away with selling drugs, get a slap on the hand and go back for more cause nothing is done... just can not figure this one out


Slap him on the wrist like all the rest and let him out to try it again. Its not his fault according to the smart leaders of our community. He is helping Rocky Mount earn its original title the City on the Rise. Meaning the only thing rising is crime,drugs,babies birthing babies, and murders. Keep up the good work RM. You shine so bright over other cities. Double the murder rate the new york city as just reported in national news.

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