Stolen shoes lead to arrest of store owner on multiple charges

A local business owner who is a convicted felon on federal probation recently was arrested for gun- and drug-related charges.

Police seek panty thief

Rocky Mount police are searching for a suspected panty thief in connection with a theft in the Golden East Crossing mall.

Pittman verdict brings tears of relief, grief

WINDSOR – Tears were abundant Thursday afternoon as a guilty verdict in the first-degree murder trial of Antwan Pittman was read and the 33-year-old was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

  • Pittman found guilty in Nicholson murder

    WINDSOR - The jury in the murder trial of Antwan Pittman returned a verdict of guilty today after less than an hour of deliberation.

  • Pittman testifies in his own defense

    WINDSOR – Defendant Antwan Pittman took the stand in the last hour of court Wednesday to tell his story.

  • SBI analyst says Pittman's DNA was found in victim

    WINDSOR – Prosecutors in the murder trial of Antwan Pittman heard testimony from nine witnesses Wednesday morning and questioned the investigating detective twice before the lunch recess.

  • Prosecution lays out case against Pittman

    WINDSOR – Assistant District Attorney Steve Graham advised the jury to remain clear-headed during the murder trial of Antwan Pittman, while the victim’s family grew emotional during the first day of testimony Tuesday.

  • Autopsy testimony jars victim’s family in Pittman trial

    WINDSOR – Morning testimony in the murder trial of Antwan Pittman proved an emotional ride for the victim’s family.