Gay marriage should not be forced on society

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America should stop forcing gay marriage on Christians.

America was supposed to be founded on biblical values, and yet they are allowing a sin in the Bible to prevail in the courts.


Inter racial

What about inter racial marriages? That seems to be more accepted, for everyone but the children they bear. These children will go through life never knowing where or how the fit in.

Equal rights

Nonsense! Gay marriage is not being forced on Christians or any other religion or sect for that matter. What the courts have ruled is protection of equal rights for anyone who wishes to as choose. America was not founded on Christian values and is based on secular, not religious laws. The proof of that lies in our Constitution and the Treaty of Tripoli. On those two document I rest my case.

Misguided, Misused, Misinformed, & Misquoted

First and foremost homosexual and lesbian are not a protected class. Since homosexuals and lesbians are not a protected class they have no claim to equal rights. Homosexual and Lesbian claims to marriage is all about seeking a preferential treatment for something that they are not qualified to attain. Nor or they willing to meet the traditional and historical requirements and/or qualifications to attain a marriage!!!

Long before marriage was codified by the Holy Bible, the Quran, or the Torah tradition and history had established the purpose of marriage was to join two individuals for the purpose of procreation.

Marriage’s sole purpose is to join two individuals who can procreate during their child bearing years, the joining of two same sex individuals would defeat the primary purpose of marriage. Therefore trying to join two same sex individuals in marriage will be in contradiction to the established historical and traditional purpose of marriage that of procreation!!!

As with all Progressives and most of the Democratic Party, deros, you are using demagoguery (prejudices and lies) to try and make a point. The only one who will buy your point is the uneducated and the ill-informed. The Treaty of Tripoli does not declare the United States a non-Christian nation nor does the Constitution of the United States of America. Deros, you and every other ignoramus have taken the statement about Christians out of context and tried to use them to claim that the United States is a non-Christian nation. Here is a link to the Treaty of Tripoli so you can be better educated!!!

In trying to declare the United States a non-Judea non-Christian nation you have overlook one major document: “The Declaration of Independence” and of course you have overlooked the entire legal system which has codified most of the Judea-Christian morals and values from the Holy Bible and the Torah into the legal system!!! Many of our laws are based on the “Ten Commandments” that are part of both Christian and Jewish teachings. To claim that the United States is a non- Christian nation is nothing more than pure nonsense!!

Apparently you aren’t keeping up with current events. The homosexual and lesbian community is doing everything it can to shove homosexual and lesbian marriages down the throats if all American not just the Christian and Jewish members of society. It is a shame that less than three percent of the nation can dictate the moral for an entire nation!!!

Think about the current mantra of the homosexual and lesbian marriage movement; their current mantra is “All love is equal.” Just how far are you willing to extend all love that has been declared equal!!!

Not absolutely true

Deros, I agree with most of what you say, however Christianity did play a huge role in the establishment of this country. One of the main reasons for coming here was the lack of religious freedom and the influence of Christianity is displayed in both the constitution and the Bill of rights. No, neither says anything about Christianity, but the influece of "religion" as a whole. It is demonstrated in the moral, and written documents of the Constitution and Bill of rights. Personally, I don't care if Gays want to be married as long as it is not reflected in the main stream media as "The fad of the day" and made to look more upon more favorably than traditional marriage.

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