Fountain Correctional Center long overdue for closing

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I am calling about the closing of Fountain Correctional Center for Women.

This center should have closed earlier.

What the public doesn’t know is that this center endangers people’s lives because they have never renovated any of those old buildings.

Those buildings are rundown and infested.

My question is if there is any justice for the inmates for their health problems that resulted from the unsafe conditions these women lived in?


Fountain Closing..

Since you want to say it is long overdue. Would you like to pay my bills when it closes? Some of us depend on that prison for a paycheck. And if you would like to elaborate on how you know that the buildings are infested and rundown please do so.. Unsafe conditions these women lived in, excuse me whoever said prison was suppose to be nice to begin with? There is a reason these ladies are there, or did you forget that?

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