Flat tax rate hurts the economy

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I am calling in response to the Speak Up that talks about state troopers and public school teachers not getting paid and the reason for that is because of the sluggish economy.

While some of this may be true, we need to look at the fact that all of the legislative aides that work for senators and representatives in Raleigh receive huge paychecks.

We are familiar with the people who work for the Department of Health and Human Services receiving humongous paychecks.

It is the state taxpayers who support the state economy.

If we were go back and look at the flat tax rate bill that was passed before we gave a lot of freebies to corporations, we would understand that bill hurt our economy more than it helped our economy.

I cannot tie into this thing that private business is what generates the greatest revenue in North Carolina.

It is the individual taxpayers and that law has hurt our economy more than anything.

While people who can pay the greatest amount of taxes are now paying less and while I am told that a flat tax rate is for everyone, every aspect of my earnings are taxed.

Lets not be naïve.

There are people who work for the state of North Carolina that are paid very well.