City residents taxed too much

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Everyone is tired of the wealthy land barrens in Oak Level complaining.

They screech about taxation without representation.

The citizens of Rocky Mount paid three-fourths of the annual budget of Nash County with taxes extracted from them by Nash County.

Rocky Mount citizens get nothing in return.

Talk about not needing services, here is a fair proposal – the citizens of Rocky Mount will stop paying Nash County taxes for services they neither want nor receive from Nash County.

In return Rocky Mount will stop the legal annexation process of Oak Level.

This proposal will draw silence from the greedy land barrens of Oak Level.

They continue to deny non-landowners and the citizens of Rocky Mount the right to vote on this matter that affects non-landowners and Rocky Mount citizens every bit as much.


No Land Barons here.

Just wanted to add my 2cents worth on this.Billy1636 you are entilted to your opinion but let's get real.If you really think that Oak Level residents should be involuntary annexed just because you say they use the faclities of the city,then why not involuntary annex property owners from Tarboro,Wilson,Spring Hope and other surrounding towns who come to RM to shop or the drive through RM to get home or their job.You have to know that until the residents of Oak Level banded together to get the outdated laws changed,municipalities forcably annex at will just for the tax dollars.Apperently,Oak Level residents have all the services that they require and did what was necessary in order to get the laws changed.Ponder this,I have lived in Oak Level for 7yrs.The city limit sign was 10 miles from me then.Look how far the city has come outward since then.The City wants us,we desire not to be part.

Check your location.

Rocky Mount is located in Nash County and therefore receives just as much for it's tax dollars as any other resident of Nash County. Oak Level is not located in Rocky Mount and therefore receives no benefits from Rocky Mount taxes. Oak Level does not want to be in Rocky Mount. Rocky Mount has no choice but to be in Nash County, they are there by virtue of their location. Your argument is specious. Your repeated reference to Oak Level residents as "wealthy land barrens" (sic) makes no sense at all.

Oak Level Benefits

You say Oak Level is NOT LOCATED in Rocky Mount and therefore receives NO BENEFITS from Rocky Mount taxes, but here-in lies the very issue at hand. Do you actually expect me or any of the Rocky Mount city tax payers to believe NO ONE in the Oak Level area takes advantage of anything in the city of Rocky Mount that our CITY TAXES help to furnish or provide you? I'm willing to bet nearly 100% of the residents in Oak Level use all the facilities and services afforded Rocky Mount tax payers now. That is the very reason for the orderly annexation of areas that are contingent with the existing city limits - because those people are taking advantage of the benefits of the city taxpayers by being within a few miles of the facilities and services. They are annexed to reflect their need to contribute to the tax base for the things they are currently using for FREE. Residents of Rocky Mount DO NOT receive just as much from Nash County as non-city Nash County residents. Nash County employees such as fire, crime control, and other county services that the City of Rocky Mount provides itself are NOT duplicated to the citizens of the city just because it is also in the county to which we have to pay 75% of the taxes. I heartily support the commentator who suggests withholding the Rocky Mount city portion of the Nash County taxes from the non-city residents like you and see how you would manage without them. You simply want your cake (not be in the city taxes for the services you use every day) and eat it too (enjoy being able to drive 5 minutes and FREELOAD off the many facilities and services afford through the taxation of Rocky Mount citizens who ARE in the city limits)!

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