A welcome ‘no’ to construction change

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As the N.C. General Assembly wrapped up its long, torturous session this week, the N.C. House wisely stepped away from a bill that would have transferred responsibility for school construction in Wake County into the hands of Wake County commissioners – not the board of education.

Although the legislation was a local bill, it held implications for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools. Some Nash County commissioners last week lobbied legislators for a chance to take over responsibility of school construction here.

As we noted in this space Sunday, the proposal never made any sense outside of a quest for more power on the part of county commissioners. School board members spend every moment of their public service lives looking for efficient ways to offer students, educators and parents the best available opportunities to learn and develop.

Considering all of the responsiblities that go with a county commissioner’s seat – economic development, law enforcement, landfill management and plenty more – there is no compelling reason to add something as intriniscally complicated as the planning, design and construction of a new school.

N.C. House members divided over the issue when the Wake County bill came before them this week, eventually voting down the measure. We’re glad they stopped short of setting an unwieldy precedent.

Now, perhaps, school board members can return to educating our students. County commissioners can return to governing the county.