December 04, 2016

It certainly was encouraging to see dozens of city residents come together Friday to exchange ideas about downtown revitalization efforts.

Ratio Design, a company hired by the city to develop a master plan for the downtown district, hosted an Open House meeting at the Imperial Centre, where people…

December 04, 2016

The first time I lived in the nation’s capital, Ronald Reagan was president. The conservatives I knew there were proud of their movement’s accomplishments, in such areas as reforming taxes and challenging the Soviet empire, as well as disappointed by inadequate progress on such issues…


December 04, 2016

Whoever is responsible for the Speak Up columns that are in the paper daily, I am trying to wonder if you are pro-Trump, are you alt.right?

I've been looking at this paper for a week now and for the last few days it seems very one-sided.

Now you are thinking about Hispanics being conservative.…

December 04, 2016

Your president-elect has done an excellent job of inciting balance, hate and wa-r mongering so I am really surprised to see people concerned with what President Barack Obama has to say about this police violence when they expect more of him than they do of the president they just elected.

As well…

December 03, 2016

I am calling to say that I didn’t realize there was so much hatred in this world until after Donald Trump was elected to be president.

People are really allowing their true colors to come through.

There is so much hatred in the paper and on TV.

May God have mercy on all of us.…

December 02, 2016

President Barack Obama, doing a good deed for the Thanksgiving celebration, pardoned a turkey again this year, saving the bird from ending up on the dinner table, much to the delight of children everywhere.

I, on the other hand, pardoned a deer, but not with a good deed in mind.

I missed the annual…


December 02, 2016

America needs to back off from trying to get Israel to give up more land.

The land is theirs just as much as the land we call the United States is ours.

Maybe we should give our land back to the Native Americans.

December 01, 2016

Gov. Pat McCrory seems to have questioned practically every aspect of North Carolina elections, and hard-working elections officials across the state patiently have listened and responded. But with each day, Democrat Roy Cooper’s lead in votes grows. It is time for McCrory to accept that…

December 01, 2016

I was calling to thank Bill Stancil for the wonderful article for Darrell Johnson. It really made it sound like Darrell.

Darrell's mom had asked for any of his teammates to come back and be honorary pallbearers.

For Darrell's funeral 30 of the ball players almost 50 years ago came and were honorary…

November 30, 2016

A lot of us tend to think of the Federal Emergency Management Agency the way we do rainy day funds. It is nice to know it is there, but will we ever really need it?

Well, yes, as thousands of folks affected by Hurricane Matthew can tell you. That storm rained on Eastern North Carolina in a big way.…

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