July 31, 2016

A federal appeals court decision to block North Carolina’s restrictive voter ID law certainly is a victory for voting rights.

Following a similar federal court ruling throwing out a Texas voter ID law earlier this month, the decision by the Virginia-based 4th Circuit Court of Appeals was one…

July 31, 2016

As Democrats and Republicans actively contest North Carolina’s governorship, U.S. Senate seat and 15 electoral votes for president this fall, don’t expect them to ignore other races on the ballot.

Two statewide offices, for example, will be vacant for the first time in many years:…


July 31, 2016

It was very disappointing to me to see the Dallas police chief come on the air after the tragedy and start reading the messages that the gunman had sent.

I don't think he should have a platform to make known his views even postmortem. I don't care about anything that he has to say.

He demonstrated…

July 31, 2016

I cast an enthusiastic vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and then I cast it again in 2012.

I might vote for Hillary Clinton -- I don't know ye t--  but it will not be enthusiastically.

President Obama represented a new sort of president for a new century and a new millennium.

He had the bi-racial…

July 30, 2016

Mike Armstrong's article about the government interfering with business and employment was spot on.

It is 100 percent correct.

I think he is really intelligent and I really enjoyed his letter to the editor.

July 29, 2016

For those of us of a certain age, it is hard to understand the fuss over Pokemon Go in the first place, much less the reasons behind Rocky Mount’s decision to ban all Pokemon activity this week from 134 city properties.

Then again, we have had trouble even seeing the Pikachus and what-nots.…

July 29, 2016

In spite of steamy weather, steamy political conventions and steamy killings that make headlines in America and around much of the remainder of the world almost every day and night, there is some good news.

The two American flags that were stolen from St. Paul United Methodist Church recently will…


July 29, 2016

The great American writer Ernest Hemingway said that there only were three real sports – auto racing, mountain climbing and bull fighting. All the rest, he said, were kids’ games.

The three sports he selected apart from the others all involve the aspect of imminent death. Hemingway…

July 29, 2016

If you are a young man, you have to take responsibility for the lives you bring into this world.

That is just all there is to it.

Too many young men are falling down on their responsibilities.

If you are a young man and your woman is pregnant, you might be feeling real good about yourself.


July 28, 2016

Donald Trump is not for the black man on Peachtree Street with all those signs in his yard.

Donald Trump's honesty only shows his true racism.

So go ahead and vote for him. If he does get elected into office, he is going to show you how quickly he is not for you.

He is only for people who have…

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