UNC partnership welcome news for Nash

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The newly announced partnership between Nash General Hospital and the University of North Carolina Health Care System might look like a business deal on paper, but we can’t help but think that the Rocky Mount area just grew a little healthier.

As announced this week by Nash Health Care Systems President Larry Chewning, the collaboration will help Nash General reduce costs across the board through economies of scale. With nine other hospitals in the UNC system, Nash will enjoy deeper discounts on medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. But the marriage brings some of the brighter medical minds in North Carolina into the Twin Counties, as well.

Doctors at Nash General will be able to consult closely with peers at other UNC hospitals. In addition, the move opens new possibilities for Nash General. It might become a “teaching hospital,” for example. That could bring innovative techniques and advances in medicine faster to this area than Nash General might have been able to access on its own.

Nash Health Care Systems has steadily raised its profile as a first-class provider during the past 10 years, in particular. With the UNC partnership, Nash General joins a system that is widely recognized as one of the best in the country.

We talk a lot in this space about factors that add to the “quality of life” in the Twin Counties. It’s hard to think of a more significant enhancement than this one.


Teaching hopital

Wouldn't Nash have to add many medical procedures that are not currently available to become a true teaching hospital? There are many treatments and procedures available at current teaching hospitals that are not provided by Nash or other hospitals of its size.

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