May 22, 2018

Last week's massive teacher march and rally was the best example of democracy in action that the state legislature has seen in years.

I'd been skeptical that the turnout would meet the ever-increasing predictions offered by organizers. Raleigh's weather that day felt like a tropical rainforest…

Colin Campbell

May 22, 2018

For the record, let it be known that prayer and the word of God are alive and well in Rocky Mount, in this nation under God. In conjunction with the National Day of Prayer observance on May 3, many events took place in the city, counties and nationwide.

The Holy Bible was read aloud in…

May 21, 2018

The Sun-Sentinel reported some very disturbing news about Broward County, Fla., schools. School officials, under the Promise program enacted under the Obama era, refused to administer disciplinary actions for students that possibly committed felonious acts.

In 2011, the Obama White House wanted to…

May 20, 2018

It seems like there has been a push lately to distract people from two essential things where the vast majority of people favor another path.

It no longer makes us wonder why religious mentors, pastors, leaders don’t mention the lying of our current president. Now well into the sixteenth…

May 20, 2018

A CNN poll last week showed that most Americans think Barack Obama was a better president than Donald Trump has been. The margin was huge: 19 percentage points.

Trump supporters will yell "fake news," but they'll be wrong. Respondents to the same survey thought Hillary Clinton would have been a…

albert hunt

May 19, 2018

When the phone rings at 2 a.m. it’s a pretty safe bet there isn’t good news, as Bill found out that December in 1960. The agent on the other end said, “Dr. Friday, I need to see you right away.” No, it couldn’t wait until the next morning. UNC President Bill Friday put…

Tom Campbell.jpg

May 19, 2018

The debate about gun violence/control in our society rages on as each side put their views forward. Policies to curb the free sale and accessibility of arms to all are the main solutions seen by people affected by the continued spate of gun violence,

It seems to me that what is missing is…

May 18, 2018

Suspicion in Sharpsburg about Mayor-elect Robert Williams driving while drunk is not a suspicion when Mayor Williams’ blood check was 0.13.

Also, why did he resist the officer who was doing his job when he placed Mayor Williams under arrest for DWI? Being an elected mayor of Sharpsburg…

May 18, 2018

By most any account, the late Princess Diana, “Princess Di,” to the world had an unhappy life.

A short life it was, too, dying as she did at age 36, following an automobile wreck.

Her young son Prince Harry was but 12 years old when his mom died. That boy, all grown up now, is getting…

May 17, 2018

A young friend of ours who worked for Hillary Clinton in 2016 waved a big caution flag recently about the fall elections. The same complacency that doomed Clinton is starting to afflict Democrats again, she warns. Too many party operatives are convinced that a "blue wave" will sweep the Democrats…

Steve and Cokie Roberts
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