Time to end Sharpsburg mayor appeal

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For two months, Sharpsburg Mayor Robert Williams Jr. fought an election outcome that appeared to show him losing by four votes to challenger Randy Weaver.

Williams challenged the election, eventually contending that two people who voted in the race in October were ineligible to do so. He made his initial case before the Nash County Board of Elections, but the board ruled against his challenge. He appealed the Nash board’s ruling to the N.C. State Board of Elections, but that board also ruled against his challenge.

Williams has an option to take the case to the N.C. Superior Court of Wake County, if he chooses. But given the circumstances of his challenge and the decisions by the county and state boards of elections, we feel he would be better off dropping the issue and concentrating on a future return to the political arena, if he feels that is his calling.

In the state board hearing, board members noted that even if Williams could somehow prove the two ballots he challenged had been in favor of Weaver (a difficult proposition, since the privacy of voters is protected by the U.S. Constitution), the change would still leave him two votes behind his challenger.

One can certainly understand Williams’ frustration in an election with margin of victory so small, but unless he can prove some sort of irregularity, the closeness of an outcome on its own is no evidence of irregularity.

Mr. Williams served the town as mayor for a few months following the resignation of Sheila Williams. It’s time now to step aside so Randy Weaver’s term can begin.