October 23, 2017

Thirteen years ago, in the midst of a different Republican administration, the liberal book of the moment was Thomas Frank’s “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” In answering his title’s question, Frank argued that hardworking heartland Americans were being duped by a…


October 23, 2017

Converting people to your own religion is too difficult of a task.

Religious identity is baked into someone.

All the world's major religions are huge – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism.

They are all huge; a billion or more followers.

The focus used to be on converting others to your…

October 22, 2017

It is indeed encouraging to see a bipartisan plan to resume federal reimbursement payments to health insurance companies appear to have strong support in the U.S. Senate.

The measure negotiated by U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and Patty Murray, D- Wash., has 12 Republican and 12…

October 22, 2017

Parental choice in education is popular. About a fifth of North Carolina students are educated outside of district-run public schools, and this share will probably grow to a quarter or more in the coming years.

The North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, a nonpartisan organization that…


October 22, 2017

The Obama Administration thought that if you put enough lawyers on the scene, any situation would take care of itself.

He used that thinking with everything and especially at the colleges.

If a female student goes out to the bar and gets drunk and then goes home with a male classmate and wakes up…

October 22, 2017

Do we live in a Fahrenheit 451 world?

The city now plans to restrict public information from being reported to Rocky Mount citizens.


Could it be because one city councilman is implicated in an insider trading land purchase where the event center is being built? Followed by the news that…

October 21, 2017

The popular gloom notwithstanding, we’re actually living in an era of astounding progress. We’ve seen the greatest reduction in global poverty in history. As Steven Pinker has documented, we’ve seen a steady decline in wars and armed conflict. The U.S. economy is the best…


October 21, 2017

Around here, hurricane season is something to be dreaded.

The season which runs from June 1 through Dec. 1 (but really from Sept. 1-Nov.1) carries with it great apprehension for residents of Eastern North Carolina.

it wasn’t always this way. For the longest time, hurricane season was…

October 21, 2017

Hooray for Perry LaGrange and Julia Manning, who write letters to the editor.

They research and tell the unbiased truth.

We get tired of foolish, biased and leftist letters who are also racists.

Thank you and please keep them coming Julia and Perry.

October 20, 2017

Here we go again with support for the illegal acts of former President Barack Obama and his administration.

Section 1402 of the Affordable Care Act authorized the payments to insurance companies. The insurances companies had to notify the federal government of the amount of their price reductions,…

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